We have actually only been date a couple of months and we only see eachother a few times a week and don"t talk much in between. For this reason its not super serious, but when us lay in bed with each other he always puts his hand on my stomach and even admitted he to be doing it and also that the "was weird because he doesn"t really desire a baby best now." so what"s the deal, does he desire a baby through me or is this just something men do? Lol

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Well he has actually joked a few times about me having actually "1000"s of his babies" lol yet it"s so beforehand I didn"t think he to be serious...


He"s emotional your stomach due to the fact that subconsciously he to know you"re that childbearing age and also it"s something really primal and also natural because that him come do. But it"s an extremely sweet indeed! Don"t shot to overanalyze and also just enjoy! ns wish I had actually someone to obstacle my ship right currently lol.

Eh, it"s within easy reach. Ns wouldn"t take it as well personally. Even my random hook ups put their hand on mine tummy periodically - it doesn"t median anything, it"s just the easiest and also least offensive place to situate when they space standing/sitting/laying behind friend

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