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“Why is my guinea pig sneezing?”

Is that normal and also if it isn’t, just how worried have to you be?

There are several reasons why guinea pigs sneeze, and also at the end of the article, you’ll be far better informed about them.

So, in this blog we room going to discuss everything about sneezing in guinea pigs.


What space The determinants Which triggers The Sneezing In Guinea Pigs?What Physical indicators Do Guinea Pigs as soon as Sick?The changes In habits Of Guinea PigWhat types Of Respiratory troubles Occurs In Guinea Pigs?What Treatment should You provide To Guinea Pig?What space The hazard Factors?What room The Safety steps To take it To prevent Guinea Pig gaining Pneumonia?Follow up Of her Guinea Pig

Why Is my Guinea Pig Sneezing?

If your guinea pig is sneezing periodically like 2 to four times a day, climate this is entirely normal and also there is no must worry.

But if it’s making snick, snick sound and also breathing heavily, then it might be due to an upper respiratory infection or pneumonia.

If this is so, climate this will certainly be the suggest where you should issue as guinea pigs space so delicate in nature that once they become ill, castle are really prone come death.

What room The determinants Which cause The Sneezing In Guinea Pigs?

Without a cause, nobody sneezes.

Neither carry out guinea pigs.

Let’s comment on the causes which cause sneezing in lock one by one.

Dust or food particles

It can be an allergy reaction to the dust or food corpuscle that space stuck in your nasal linings.

Respiratory infection

It might be a respiratory infection choose URI: upper respiratory infection or pneumonia.


It could be an allergic reaction to the aroma that the detergents that clean your fleece.

Perfumes and air fresheners

It might be an allergy reaction come the scented body treatment goods choose perfumes , body spray etc.


It might be an allergic reaction indigenous the dusty and soaked hay bedding.

If sneezing is indigenous allergies, it’s common and also will vanish in ~ a brief time.

But if its cause is respiratory infection or pneumonia, climate this is the supervisor red signal wherein you should be much more worried and also concerned.

What Physical indicators Do Guinea Pigs as soon as Sick?

Change In The breathing Of Guinea Pig

If your guinea pig is common he won’t make any type of sound.

The louder breath of her guinea pig is as result of his reaction to any allergy but he won’t have any type of trouble breathing.

If her guinea pig is make sounds favor snick or wheezing sound, the is dealing with trouble breathing.

Examine The eyes Of Guinea Pig

The eyes of guinea are impacted due to respiratory infections.

When girlfriend look closely in the eye of guinea pigs, they space either red or discharge is comes from them.

The shade of the discharge can be either yellow or green.

Guinea pig’s eyes will be crusty, almost sealed, and shut, is as result of conjunctivitis.

Look at The sleep Discharge of Guinea Pig

When her guinea pig is sneezing, discharge indigenous the nose is a should factor.

This discharge might be yellow or green in color.

Observe Any readjust In Guinea Pig all at once Performance

There is a decrease in the overall activity when your pet is sick, friend will notification from the face, it will certainly be dull and also sick.

Also, her pumpkin may shed some weight due to illness.

Blood from the nose of Guinea Pig

It’s the most severe authorize in guinea pigs.

This sign shows that over there is absolutely a problem with your guinea pig.

If you notification this, friend should instantly go come a vet.

The transforms In habits Of Guinea Pig

Keep track Of that is Appetite and also Activity

Your guinea pig may not feel choose eating, as result of loss the appetite.

You require to examine what food you placed in the cage, and do the guinea pigs eat their meals or no?

Also, breakable naughty guinea pigs are most energetic all the time, bur lessens their activities when they room sick.

He may not play v you or through his cage mate.

Sounds at sight dull and also lazy all the time.

He desires to it is in alone all the time and also doesn’t even play with you!

Point the end Guinea Pig’s Stressful Events

Oh, this munchkins are too sensitive.

According to part research, stress can reduce the immune mechanism of her pet.

The low immune system is quickly struck by infections.

Guinea pigs may be based on the stresses like:

Overcrowding of human being when castle are recently adoptedLungs wake up from his beddingIrritation because of a new cage fellow

What varieties Of Respiratory difficulties Occurs In Guinea Pigs?

Streptococcus bacteria which reasons this infection is existing in her pumpkin all the moment without making that sick, your buddy have the right to at any kind of time construct this epidemic if it gets stressed.

Your Guinea pig can easily transmit this bacteria to the other cage fellows with cough or sneeze.

Also, note that top Respiratory Infections are most usual as to compare to lower Respiratory Infections.

So don’t concern if girlfriend can’t by any method recognize the whether it’s URI or LRI or any allergy, her vet will certainly let girlfriend know.

There space two varieties of respiratory difficulties that occur in guinea pigs.


Allergies room due to different environmental factors like dust and food particles stuck in your nostrils, negative bedding, and also irritation as result of the aroma of scented perfumes, detergents, etc.

Luckily, you shouldn’t problem if the sneezing is because of these allergies.

This sneezing will go far within a few days.

Respiratory Infections

These epidemic are really common in guinea pigs.

These infections deserve to start as a an easy cold and can conveniently turn right into pneumonia within a work or two.

Respiratory infections in guinea pigs room of 2 types:

Upper respiratory tract infections URI are because of cold and lower respiratory infections are as result of pneumonia in guinea pigs.

Pneumonia is usually brought about by a bacterial infection recognized as Bordetella, i m sorry is generally known as Rhinitis and also Sinusitis.

Rhinitis occurs as result of puffiness in the nostril lining of guinea pigs.

Whereas Sinusitis occurs due to irritation and also puffiness that sinuses.

Upper respiratory tract of guinea pig contains its nose, throat, sleep passage, and its windpipe, when the reduced respiratory tract contains the lungs.

So the epidemic which occurs in the top respiratory tract is known as Cold or flu.

Whereas the epidemic that wake up in the lower respiratory tract is well-known as pneumonia.

An upper respiratory epidemic can likewise be caused by any type of dental issue, because that example, overgrowth of the source of your guinea pig.

If you don’t take any type of immediate action and her guinea pig is diagnosed with pneumonia, unfortunately, the will lose his life.

What Happens when Guinea Pigs Diagnose with Pneumonia?

Unluckily, if your pet is diagnosed with this disease, what to carry out next?

The an initial and most quick action you have to do is, immediately take him to a good veterinarian.

Make sure the veterinarian must possess sufficient experience in his field.

Guinea pigs space so delicate and are quickly prone to death within a short duration of time.

Your vet must know all the medical background of your guinea pig, and also so girlfriend must administer accurate information regarding its living and also if your guinea pig caught any disease before.

Thereafter, the vet will perform a appropriate physical examination of her guinea pig, starting with the mouth, to check if over there are any type of dental problems.

Then he will measure the heart rate of your guinea pig, and also also assess the heart and lungs of her pet.

Your veterinarian will certainly be performing every the necessary tests for her pet.

He will be taking the blood samples of her pet to detect any bacterial or famous infection among them.

The vet will also test the discharge from the nose to recognize the type of bacteria present.

During the diagnosis, the vet might perform miscellaneous x-rays of your guinea pig, greatly of lungs and also bran, i beg your pardon will help him break up the exact cause of the disease.

Once the medical professional diagnoses the problem, he will certainly prescribe antibiotics and other crucial measures for faster recovery of the guinea pig.

What Treatment must You provide To Guinea Pig?

Proper Antibiotics

During checkup ideal dosage the antibiotics is offered to your pet.

Make certain you don’t indulge you yourself in purchase antibiotics for your pet together dosages space prescribed based on the load of your pet and also each pet has a various weight at the same time there dosages will be different.

Antibiotics dosage should be provided after proper bacterial culture and sensitivity experimentation of her guinea pig.

Relevant wellness Care

Normally, guinea pigs can’t breathe effectively, and also they need nasal breathers which enable them to breath easily.

Which further prevents the blockage of any dust particles in their nasal lining otherwise that may become a life threat to them.

Their nostrils need to be checked typically to remove the discharge.

Nebulization is a must-do procedure.

Use common saline water to nebulize her pet which will certainly be valuable in removing the dust particles.

Strict examine On His Diet

Make sure that during the illness duration of her teeny small guinea pig eats properly.

This life-threatening condition can only be prevented by a ideal diet rich in Vitamin C.

Provide much less Stress Environment

Keep your small teeny tiny away from stressful situations, as guinea pigs are easily caught up by stress which decreases their immune system.

With a short immune system, they enable the bacteria lock once carried to cause respiratory infection easily.

What room The danger Factors?

Stressful Conditions

Stressful problems are one of the many common causes that result in the breakthrough of respiratory tract infections in her guinea pig.

Oral Steroid Medications

Multiple diseases arising at the same time, and giving oral steroid medicines are likewise the most important risk element that develops respiratory epidemic in your guinea pig.


The deficiency that Vitamin C recognized as scurvy contributes towards arising respiratory infections.

Fiber Deficiency

Fiber deficiency in the diet may likewise contribute towards emerging dental illness in your tiny guinea pig.

Other danger Factors

Other risk determinants to be taken into consideration include poor pet husbandry, dirty bedding, and ammonia buildup from urine-soaked beddings and also cleaning agents.

What space The Safety measures To take it To avoid Guinea Pig getting Pneumonia?

We must believe the truth that this teeny tiny guinea pigs do carry this bacteria v them all the time.

So, we should take appropriate care of them to minimize the feasible chances of gaining sick.

Some the the safety procedures are:

Avoid air Conditioned Environment

If her guinea pig is sick, prevent using waiting conditioners.

Make sure to usage air humidifiers to moist the atmosphere for the settlement of dust particles.

Avoid bathing

The bathing of guinea pigs should be avoided once they space sick.

During the treatment period, a dried spray shower head is recommended.

Clean Guinea pig’s Enclosure

The cage the the guinea pig need to be cleaned typically to make certain that there shouldn’t be any kind of urine or other dust corpuscle or moisture.

Urine and also moisture build-up can cause the repertoire of germs that room harmful to them.

Recycling the the bedding

For her Guinea pig, you must use recycled file bedding.

Recycled document beddings room the finest option accessible to purchase because they are great absorbent, give less odor, and are basic to wash.

The recycled paper bedding will certainly absorb every the mess produced by the guinea pig’s urine.

Plus the will alleviate urine odor so that your small pumpkin gets enough rest.

Proper adequate diet

A suitable healthy diet theatre a really important function to avoid bacteria indigenous attacking your pumpkin.

Guinea pigs must be fed high fiber essentially hay with suitable vitamin C supplements.

Annual monitor up with Vet

A proper annual checkup the your small pumpkin through the veterinarian is an extremely important, even when that is supervisor fine.

Don’t forget to incorporate their dentist examination too.

Follow increase Of your Guinea Pig

Once you obtained your guinea pig checked properly by the veterinarian,

You will need to keep a strictly follow increase which includes:

You will have to monitor the severity of sleep discharge.Keep one eye on breathing difficulty.Avoid any stressful conditions.Avoid dental conditions by providing your pet v a high-fiber diet.Ensure the diet includes sufficient Vitamin C.Supplements are offered as every the prescription of veterinarians.Possible problems that may arise

Keep a check for loss of appetite and also respiratory disorder which outcomes from nasal obstruction.

Examine the lungs, ears, and also eyes frequently for any possible extension the infection.

With every this monitor up, two feasible situations may arise:

Your teeny tiny tiny pumpkin may completely defeat the bacterial respiratory infections after completing the course of antibiotic therapy prescribed by her veterinarianThe 2nd situation might prove worrisome because that you in which her cute small pet may relapse as beforehand as the antibiotic therapy is discontinuedOr that may have life-long epidemic off and also on

Unfortunately, us cannot predict i beg your pardon course her guinea pig takes after ~ the discontinuation that antibiotics therapy.

Final Thoughts

After adopting together a cute small creature it’s your responsibility to take it his full care.

There is no appropriate or flawless way to take complete care of your buddy because every guinea pig is different.

Therefore exactly how you look at after them is entirely up to you, yet you should take sensible steps to satisfy the demands of your guinea pig.

Guinea pig sneezing is no uncommon, and all you have to do is check out any readjust in his physics activity, if diagnosed, there is no any hold-up go to the vet, have a ideal checkup, use antibiotics and nebulizer.

A healthy well balanced diet and also proper vitamin C supplements beat a crucial role in his recovery.

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Once he has actually recovered, go for his follow-up, since he could be small but if you lose him, he will leave an enormous paw publish on your heart.