When most civilization consider having actually a horse, they immediately think of purchasing one. But there room some definite drawbacks to buying a horse, and also it’s no the only option. Alternatively, you can lease your steed instead.

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There room some major benefits to leasing your horse, such as diminished liabilities. But it have the right to be a difficult task with numerous unknown variables; specifically for someone who’s never leased or to buy a equine before. Our goal with this write-up is to leveling the process so you can gain a an easy understanding of just how to lease a horse.

Pros and Cons the Leasing a Horse

Leasing a horse isn’t the finest option for everyone, but in part cases, it deserve to be the ideal choice. Let’s comment on the positives and also negatives of leasing a horse.

when you lease a horse, you have decreased liabilities. If the dies, friend won’t lose out like you would if you owned the horse depending on the kind of lease you have, you can have decreased responsibilities you can give up a equine lease less complicated than offering a equine It’s regularly cheaper come lease a equine than acquisition one The horse is usually already at a suitable boarding location
girlfriend don’t own the horse You can not do whatever you desire with the pet You could only have access to the horse on specific days You have actually to discover a place to keep it

Types that Leases

When it concerns leasing a horse, you have actually two main options to select from. Each uses some benefits and also drawbacks compared to the other.


Full Lease

In a full lease, you’re responsible for complete care and also boarding the the horse. You will do it generally get full accessibility to the equine 24/7 for riding and also shows. Top top the other hand, you’ll be expected to address veterinary visits, horseshoes, and also the remainder that the horse’s care, and the full price of boarding.

Shared Lease

When girlfriend share a lease, you’ll have actually fewer responsibilities, lower cost, and also less accessibility to the horse. You’ll generally only have accessibility on particular days. Two world usually split a shared lease, which means they every pay because that 50% of the equines boarding and care, and they both get access to the horse half the time.

In a shared lease, you need to take extra care to nail out every the particulars prior to signing, so you know who pays what, how much, when, and who will certainly get accessibility on what days, just how special events are handled, and also more.

The prices of Leasing a Horse

One the the key reasons the many human being opt to lease a equine rather than acquisition is the you can potentially save quite a little of money. Still, over there are fairly a few costs linked with leasing a equine that you’ll need to be aware of if you considering walking this route.

Veterinarian Checkups

You’ll want to acquire the first vet checkup prior to you also sign a lease, therefore you can be sure that the horse is in an excellent health. This can also assist to certain you’re not responsible because that health problems that were pre-existing once you signed the lease. As soon as you sign, you will do it be responsible for most or all of the horse’s care, including all future vet visits.

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Boarding Fees

Boarding fees make up a big portion that the full cost that leasing a horse. On a complete lease, you’ll pay almost everywhere from 50% – 100% of the boarding prices for her horse. For a common lease, you’ll usually pay 50% of the boarding fees.

The Lease Fee

The lease fee varies greatly depending on the horse. There’s not always a lease fees on shared leases, and if over there is, it’s typically much less than ~ above a complete lease. Because that a complete lease, the lease fee is many often around 25% – 30% the the horse’s entire perceived worth paid annually. So, for a horse worth $10,000, you can expect a lease dues of around $2500 yearly.


If anything should take place to the equine while it’s under her care, you’ll most likely be held liable. Luckily, friend can protect yourself through some theft and mortality insurance allowance on the horse. This will certainly mean secondary expense yet could save you a ton if other unfortunate occurs.

Finding a equine to Lease

One of the hardest parts around leasing a horse is detect a horse that’s leasable! Thankfully, there are numerous viable places to find for a steed to lease.

Classified ads are still a an excellent place to discover horses because that lease. When you can not have any kind of luck in a newspaper these days, Craigslist and also other digital classified sites frequently have ads for steeds you have the right to lease.

If you don’t have actually luck through classifieds, try checking your neighborhood tack shop. They could even have a bulletin plank with similar ads posted. If you lucky, someone working at the shop can know that a horse obtainable for lease.

For those that are already riding at a stable, questioning around and also see if other horse owners recognize of any kind of horses obtainable for leasing. Numerous owners might even be willing to share-lease through you to aid reduce the expenses of owning and also caring for a horse.

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Your obligations as a horse Lessee

While you leasing a horse, the horse’s care and also boarding will certainly be her responsibility. You’ll require to carry out regular maintenance for the animal. They’ll require grooming, shoes, and veterinary checkups; every one of which space up come you come take care of.

Make certain you keep an excellent records of everything you carry out with a steed you’re leasing. You’ll want to have the ability to show consistent and quality care, in case anything should happen.

Also, be aware that every lease is different. It’s approximately you to thoroughly review through and understand her lease before you authorize it. This will assist you to be particular of her responsibilities, so friend don’t end up liable because that something i have lot of money that you weren’t aware of.

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It’s no for everyone, but leasing a equine instead of purchase one can have many benefits. The course, you will do it still be responsible because that the care and boarding the a horse. It’s not a cheap endeavor, but there’s definitely a lot less liability involved, and also it have the right to be much more cost-effective 보다 buying a equine in numerous circumstances.