Someone"s surely asked this before, yet I"m starting to acquire a little bit of an attention in diaper wetting (though no doing that myself), even though my favorite is quiet wetting shorts, jeans, panties, etc.

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So, to anyone who has actually wet a diaper, deserve to you still feeling the wetness in there? Is it an ext noticeable 보다 wetting underwear, pants, etc., or less?


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If you"re emptying her bladder, immediately it will certainly feel really hot and also you deserve to really feeling the padding ballooning the more you wet it. If you plan on doing this in windy be sure to wear loosened fitting dark pants to hide any type of bulges or leaks. When you"ve an initial soaked a diaper the feels exactly like wetting yourself only with bulging padding trapping every little thing inside, but eventually the soaked feeling just becomes dampness and the diaper feeling squishy. If girlfriend only have actually smaller incontinence leaks like I perform usually it absorbs yes, really fast and doesn"t feel any different really. I"m used to the after 3 years.

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It"s choose wearing yes, really thick underwear, and once you let go, the underwear soaks all that liquid up and also pools up, gets real heavy, and warm. It"s candid a greatbfeeling, though ns don"t do it regularly at all.


Yeah, it"s just a warm, to run water emotion in her nappy together you do it. Girlfriend don"t really feeling wet afterwards, uneven you yes, really soak it to capacity! In reality you can pretty much forget you"ve even done it and also just carry on with everything else you to be doing.

My experiance is that feels as with wetting your normal pants at first: really heat in the crotch area. Yet instead of running down your legs and going cold, it"s had in her crotch area and cools an extremely slowly. You will certainly also an alert that your nappy is heavier as soon as it"s wet.

After a while it assumes body tempreture and also it"s honestly difficult to phone call your also wet.

I recommend fabric diapes and also plastic pants. They space super comfortable and also feel extra warm and also cosy. Disposibles feeling strange and also papery come me and also are not as secure.

I think that it as imagine gaining your lower half into a bath tub with heat water and also sitting in it for a while, that is relaxing and just renders you feel good

I think of it together imagine getting your lower fifty percent into a bath tub with heat water and sitting in it because that a while, that is relaxing and also just makes you feeling good

And what"s that like once you sit down in a wet diaper?

Asking this questions reason I"m i can not qualify to ever try wearing one myself, simply curious about it, and additionally to make diaper-related stories I create by request an ext accurate.

Lol. I was around to to speak the specific same thing! 

Every reply has been accurate, with the physical description, but I’ll include another aspect. 

The feeling of being naughty! probably watching you yourself in the mirror, seeing it swollen up, or even having it surprise under her clothes, and feeling that tremendous warmth, and seeing how your apparel don’t gain wet. Favor a secret, special naughty feeling. 

That"s what i thought, I just wanted to it is in sure. I almost want to try it myself now however I"d probably get caught buying them.

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Lol. Ns was around to speak the specific same thing! 

Every reply has been accurate, through the physics description, yet I’ll add another aspect. 

The feeling of being naughty! maybe watching you yourself in the mirror, seeing it puffy up, or even having it concealed under her clothes, and feeling that incredible warmth, and also seeing how your garments don’t obtain wet. Like a secret, special naughty feeling. 

To add to this, the wetting in a diaper in public(say the journey threw in ~ a quick food chain or checkout line at a store) is one exhilarating feeling that no one can see or to know anything about. The warmth, the relaxation, the sluggish swelling. It"s so amazing.

That"s what ns thought, I simply wanted to it is in sure. I practically want to shot it myself now yet I"d probably get captured buying them.

I thought the same thing before I bought some

they aren"t too tough to acquire. And also honestly quite easy come hide. However I threw my load out cause it woulda taken me a year come finish every one of them, and also that was utilizing one as soon as a month

If I only knew i m sorry section had actually them in my size so I could go in there, choose them up, hide them under miscellaneous else, quickly pay for them at me checkouts, and also get out without everyone noticing. Uneven I gained them at a surrounding city where I don"t walk to often.

If I just knew which section had actually them in my dimension so I could go in there, choose them up, hide them under something else, conveniently pay for them at me checkouts, and get the end without anyone noticing. Unless I gained them in ~ a nearby city whereby I don"t go to often.

Who cares what you buy? The cashiers certainly don"t. Girlfriend are one of hundreds of world buying things...

Who care what girlfriend buy? The cashiers absolutely don"t. Girlfriend are among hundreds of people buying things...

I"m just involved someone I know will it is in in there and also notice, or the if I"m in there with someone ns know, the cashiers will carry it up. I"m yes, really self-conscious and also shy about my fetishes.

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I"m just concerned someone I recognize will be in there and also notice, or that if I"m in there through someone ns know, the cashiers will lug it up. I"m really self-conscious and shy around my fetishes.

It"s a really nice sensation. You actually feel the warm and also wet sensation at an initial like girlfriend would once wetting normally, but instead that flooding your underwear and cascading under you legs, the soaks into the diaper leaving a warm puffy mass between your legs. I would 100% introduce it! (sorry the my solution isn"t original, I composed this and also then witnessed that among the other responses is virtually the same.)

It might not it is in feasible to order digital for you but if you deserve to that could be the method to go together Ajax mentioned. They normally ship discreetly, the credit transaction card heat is discreet, etc. However, depending on your living and financial case that may not it is in possible. For example, when I was in high school/college my account was joint through my mommy so putting an unknown debit fee on there, no matter exactly how discreet, was a non-starter because that me.

I think what girlfriend mentioned about going to a surrounding town or ar might be a good idea. This is what i did the first few times ns bought diapers together a teenager/early twenty-something before I might make the online thing work. I too was nervous about meeting someone i knew therefore I checked out a drug keep in an out of the means place come make that unlikely.

It"s not the most basic thing to do, specifically the first time, however like numerous things, as soon as done when it gets easier. As someone else mentioned, don"t worry too much about the cashiers or various other staff. Lock see civilization making purchases every the time and I doubt at this point one acquisition is the very same as the next. They"re over there to carry out a job, provide for themselves and their families, and also go house at the finish of the day. It will *feel* favor they"re paying many attention come you however they space not. If you save that in mind and also just maintain your composure you"ll be fine.

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To it is in clear, I"m not trying to talk you into something you"re not prepared for. Given time you might feel much more comfortable and confident to shot it 보다 you carry out now and also that"s OK. There"s no a rush.