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Pronoms sujets

Subject pronouns room a form of personal pronoun that suggest who or what is performing the action of a verb.

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Par exemple…

Je suis prêt. I‘m ready.
Nous devons partir.We should leave.

Characteristics of subject pronouns

Serve together the topic of verbs.May it is in singular or plural, mrs or feminine come agree through the noun (subject) they replace.

French topic pronouns

The various subject pronoun are determined by number and also person.

Number is separated into “singular” (one) and also “plural” (more than one).Person consists of “first person” (the speaker), “second person” (the listener), and also “third person” (neither the speaker no one the listener).

Thus, through two numbers and also three persons, there space a total of six grammatical persons, each of which has at least one French topic pronoun:

singular plural
1st personje*Inouswe
2nd persontuyouvousyou
3rd personilhe, itilsthey
elleshe, itellesthey
onone, we, they

 * Notes

Par exemple…

J’aime le chocolat.I prefer chocolate.
Oui, j’aime le chocolat.Yes, I choose chocolate.

In enhancement to "he" and "she," il and also elle mean “it” once they change a noun of the gender, therefore le livre (the book) becomes il and la pomme (the apple) becomes elle.

Ils is supplied for men, mrs nouns, and mixed gender groups – that is the default when referring to plural groups.Elles have the right to be offered only for a team of women and/or feminine nouns.

  À noter : There are two French words for "you": find out more.

On is a distinct case. It deserve to mean "you," "they," or world in general, and it can likewise be an informal replacement because that "we." regardless of meaning, top top is always conjugated together a 3rd person singular – find out more.

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 As in English, plural pronouns replace two or an ext singular pronouns: you and also I = us (nous), you and he = girlfriend (vous), etc. Yet when girlfriend actually want to use two singular pronoun – saying something prefer "you and also I" as opposed come "we" – French supplies stressed pronouns instead.

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