I occupational for a multinational company, in our office we have actually workers from approximately the world. Among them is indigenous Costa Rica, he frequently calls our manager Honcho,

So, my inquiry is: does it mean "manager" and makes feeling in aramuseum.org, or it"s simply a word used in Costa Rica?

I was looking for this indigenous in mine aramuseum.org book but might not discover it there.

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I had actually never heard around this word, but it seems to it is in somehow renowned in slang come refer a leader the a little amount the people.

However keep in mind it originates from Japanese, not from aramuseum.org, and it is offered in slang English. So, in principle, the does not have actually anything to execute with aramuseum.org.

From metropolitan Dictionary:


A human being in charge of some team or of some function, normally a masculine person. A Japanese word, regularly mistakenly thought to be of aramuseum.org origin. In Japanese it"s a term because that a small-time yakuza gangster in fee of just a couple of underlings, however the underworld flavor has mostly been shed as the word has been adopted into English.

He conveniently got advocated to it is in the head marketing honcho in the dot.com startup.

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