The weather is miscellaneous that everyone knows about, and everyone has an opinion on, which renders it a good conversation topic once you're first learning Spanish.

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Awkward in one elevator? do the efforts to it is in genial in a store? simply talk around the weather!

Spanish weather-related expressions deserve to be broadly broken right into three key categories: Times as soon as the weather does, times once the weather is, and times when there is some sort of weather.

Keep reading, it'll all end up being clear.

Times as soon as the weather "does"

For part weather phrases you're walk to usage the verb hacer, which usually means "to do" or "to make".

In this case, it's offered to define what the weather "does":

Times once the weather "is"

For the following weather conditions we need to use the verb estar instead. (Which you might remember method "to be", and is offered to talk around a non-permanent state. If there's anything non-permanent in this world, it's the weather!)

Times when "there is" some weather

Lastly there room times we'll usage the verb form "hay" to show that there is some type of interesting weather.

Hace, hay or está? What's the rule?

Hace is usually used to define the basic "feel" of the weather — prefer it's warm, or cold, or windy. Hay and está are generally much more specific.

You can spend a many time trying to number out the specific situations, but it's ideal to simply remember each delicious piece of weather vocabulary as a phrase. That way you'll never ever be grounding on whether to use hace or hay.

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Exciting Spanish weather expressions!

We've acquired some pretty vivid expressions in English worrying the weather ("raining cats and dogs" for prime example), and the exact same is true in Spanish.

Here are a couple of to tuck up your sleeve for as soon as it's raining really hard:

If all that rain is gaining you under (or if who is simply having a difficult time in life), this rain-phrase way "this as well will pass":



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