As girlfriend know, us love to highlight the diversity the exists in Spanish vocabulary. Below I’ll show an additional example, this time the use of the word “room” or “bedroom.”

If you want to to speak “room” or “bedroom” in Spanish you will have several options to select from:

1. Cuarto2. Pieza3. Recámara4. Dormitorio5. Habitación6. Ambiente

From this list, just the 6th word (ambiente which converts to “environment” in English) was the just one totally unknown come me. Jared called me the using the word ambiente to refer to a “room” is offered in Argentina. The rest of the words ns knew, but I normally mix their usage, follow to the formality of each.

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For example, mine perception of formality or informality goes according to usage in Puerto Rico. The most usual or much less formal indigenous is cuarto. Furthermore, the native habitación and also dormitorio are used in official occasions, such together in genuine estate advertisements. Because that example:

“Se vende apartamento en Condado. Dos habitaciones y 1 baño.”“Apartment for sale in Condado. 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom.”

However, the words pieza and also recámara room not used in my country. We understand them due to the fact that we hear castle in television programs, movies called in Spanish and/or hispanic telenovelas.

When room does not average cuarto in Spanish

An extra point worth including to this subject is the there room times that the word room go not analyze to cuarto in Spanish and here is a actual story. A couple of years earlier I had a boss that was Hispanic, yet his very first language was English.

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He used to ask us about the ease of access of rooms come have business meetings. He supplied to say sentences prefer this one:

“¿En cuál cuarto nos vamos a reunir a ras 2pm?” “In i beg your pardon bedroom will we conference at 2pm?”

That sounded a little awkward comes from her boss, right? when “room” does not median bedroom in Spanish you have the right to use the word sala or salón.

¿En qué sala se llevará acabo la reunión?In i beg your pardon room will the conference take place?

ROOM in Spanish: Infographic

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