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Fondant vs. Gum Paste:

Iusually see points in black color or white - appropriate or dorn - ask mine opinion and also I will provide it come you. V that being said, occasionally there is no exactly or clear answer - yet Iwill certainly voice my thoughts. After making cakes and also teaching for two decades- one of the most typical questions Iget asked in the classroom is:

When carry out you usage Fondant versus Gum Paste?

Pay attention due to the fact that Iam walk to aid all the you new artists the end there to easily answer this inquiry using my favorite tool - cake!


Elisa Strauss, Creator that Confetti Cakes & Satin ice cream Artist that Excellence


You deserve to see the perform of ingredients yet the two ingredients that room most necessary to know are: Glycerine (only in fondant) & Gum Tragacanth (a herbal gum but similar to tylose in both).These 2 ingredients room the factor why fondant and gum dough behave for this reason differently.

FONDANT: Will really never dry all the method through - it will crust a tiny - yet if friend cover your cake/cupcake with it girlfriend will be able to bite through with no problem. Think that it together pie dough prior to it is baked. Fondant dries top top the outside first while the middle stays chewy.TIP native ELISA: If you find your fondant dried you have the right to always include a little bit of glycerine and also it will assist to add some elasticity

GUM PASTE: Is dough that rolls out an extremely smooth - similar to fondant. Yet you have the right to roll it lot thinner - there is no it tearing -andit will certainly dry very, very hard. So if you desire your sugar flowers to dry beautifully thin and also hard, friend are better off utilizing gum paste and also do NOT include glycerine.


FONDANT:You deserve to use fondant come cover a cake, cupcake, cookie, cake pops, even brownies and marshmallow krispie treats. That can additionally be used for any kind of decoration that does not must be weight BEARING, (i.e.heel the a shoe,handle ~ above a handbag,ears ~ above a bunny), any two-dimensional decoration reduced by hand or with cutters, fromsilicone moldsand more. I tend to use much more fondant on cakes wherein I know the “clients” space too young to order the cake themselves.

All instances of cakes spanned in fondant and also all decorations can be do of fondant too (below).

The clasp on purse.All items on popcorn (stripes and kernels) can be do from fondant.Nesting doll cake - (not weight bearing) - entire cake cane be decorated in fondant.

GUM PASTE:Now here is where I do a big confession, ns LOVE gum paste! You understand when you begin taking lessons at something and you space really BAD… but then you gain into the rhythm and you realize over there is hope because that you after ~ all. Well that is specifically what happened to mine cake decorations when I learned of gum paste.Sure youcanmake stripes and polka dots v fondant however with gum dough you have the right to roll the dough SO lot thinner, it won’t break and it will permit you come straighten the edge there is no leaving any kind of indents from the tools or her fingers. Gum paste permits your innovations to pop out of molds easier. It permits you to reduced straighter letters and also make curly cues.

Gum paste is my selection when making:

Anything to look reality - like steel dog tags (i.e. Dog collarbelow)Sugar decorations that have to dry tough (i.e. Chopsticks below)Buckles and also grommets on hand bag cakeAny object that demands to stand up on the cake




To aid you far better visualize when to use Fondant or Gum paste - i will use my animal Safari Cake (below) that I created my second cake decorating book,Confetti Cakes because that Kids.

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Covered bottom “box” and also top “lid” (Both made the end of cake)Figurines (monkeys, giraffe, elephant)
Covered basePolka dots
Loop BowStripes
Tissue paperBeads in ~ bottom of cake
Palm tree


Remember exactly how I started this post? Well as you deserve to see over there is no a 100% specific answer. You will find people that use fondant and gum paste interchangeably - but believe me over there is nothing choose true gum paste. My cakes are cleaner and an ext accurate becauseI usegum paste!As an artist,I favor gum paste since it doesn’t dry too fast, that is malleable enough to sculpt figurines, (like my small safari animals), and also it dries fast enough to get clean lines, stripes, letters and ribbons on a cake.