So every couple of months I will certainly be driving and I will gain the ESP/BAS and Traction regulate light come on. It stays on until I revolve the Jeep off and then that doesn"t come back. It has actually happened regular enough the I"m curious but not sufficient to it is in a problem. There room no problem codes in the computer. Any Ideas?


Could it is in a most things. Oreillys have the right to scan the code if you don"t have actually the capability too. Some constant OBDII scanners won"t check out traction/ABS. I had the similiar problem on my WJ and also went come a carwash and pressure-washed the inside of the wheels and also it go away. Can be build up in between the sensor and reluctor/toner ring. Miscellaneous that simple or can be more complex like a sensor or module issue. As soon as you obtain the codes read, perform a intuitive inspection the the wiring approximately the area that the code gives you. I"ve even heard the uneven tire pressure leading to the light.

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I am having the exact same issue yet only my traction light comes on it comes on after i hit bumps in roadway frustrating. And doesn"t through a code to read

^That"s exactly what would create my ABS light. Oreillys found a LF rate sensor code. I discovered no visual issues and also the light would certainly come and also go, so ns pressure-washed the crap out of that area, hasn"t been on due to the fact that ! an initial time it came on was after wheeling, so i assumed it had something to execute with dirt/dust. :idontknow:

Mine was choose that also, ns didn"t have enough earlier spacing on mine wheels and my prior passenger tires pretty much ate mine wheel sensor wire and also caused those lights. Rewired that up and no problems since

I had actually this problem right before my expedition to Alaska, gained to the suggest where every time I acquired up to speed my TC would certainly kick in climate these lights would come on and stay on. This was on my 2010 jkur and also it came to be my wheel speed sensor. I had it replaced and also no worries since
My 2010 just did this yesterday. I had been parked because that a few hours, went to leave, and also both the TCL and the ESP/BAS came on. Restarted the jeep, quiet on. Drove front for around a block, and also it walk off. Where is the rate sensor located?
Mine was prefer that also, i didn"t have enough ago spacing on mine wheels and my prior passenger tire pretty lot ate my wheel sensor wire and caused those lights. Rewired the up and also no problems since
I just had this take place 2 week"s ago. My LT285/70 R 17 tires ate the insulation on wheel sensor wire.
Majority of the time it"s the wheel sensor. Happened on my "08 and also "12 JKU. Once I purchased the part at the dealership, the male there called me he sells a many those seems to be a common problem. You just need to figure out i beg your pardon wheel sensor you have to replace.....
You can gain a scan tool that reads ABS codes and it will certainly tell you exactly which wheel the is. I"m no sure just how much the stealership sales the sensors for, however I simply ordered mine digital for much less than $20 each.

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You can acquire a scan tool that reads ABS codes and also it will tell you specifically which wheel that is. I"m not sure exactly how much the stealership sales the sensors for, however I just ordered mine online for less than $20 each.