What walk DP mean? This acronym to represent a expression that practically everyone is acquainted with, even if castle don’t know what it means initially. If you use social media, then possibilities are friend have changed your own “DP” native time to time. If girlfriend wandered onto this page since you observed this acronym what else and also wanted to understand what it means, climate you have involved the ideal place. Right here you will discover its meaning, details of its origin, and also some various other meanings. You will additionally see some instance conversations because that your analysis pleasure to aid you get a deeper knowledge of the meaning. Finally, girlfriend will view some synonyms that you have the right to use in location of this original term that won’t readjust its meaning.

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DP Meaning

DP Meaning

What does DP Mean?

The most popular phrase that this acronym stands for is “display picture.” the is another means to describe someone’s profile snapshot on society media sites.

Origin the DP

There is no info or details easily accessible concerning the beginning of this acronym or the expression it represents. It deserve to be stated that it has actually been offered to was standing for this an interpretation and phrase since at the very least 2005.

Other Meanings

Like many acronyms stand for other things, this acronym is no different. Some other random phrases, official titles, and other items this acronym deserve to represent space “double penetration,” “dick pic,” “double play,” “data processing,” and “dynamic programming.” over there are just five instances of other interpretations for this acronym. There space many an ext but there are way too plenty of to mention them every here.

Conversation Examples

A conversation in between two friends via text message.

Friend 1: have you viewed my new DP on Facebook?Friend 2: No, i have not been on there yet today. I have been so busyFriend 1: Well, make sure you take a look in ~ it as soon as you obtain a chance and let me understand what friend think.

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Friend 2: Okay, ns will!

An virtual conversation between two on facebook users.

User 1: ns love you new DP! as soon as did you take that picture?User 1: oh yeah! I believed it to be at institution from the background however I couldn’t remember you acquisition the picture at first! It’s a great one!

Synonyms that DP

The only synonyms for this phrase that you could use without an altering the meaning is the phrase “profile picture” or “account picture.”

DP an interpretation Infographic


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