Said come someone when you the end smart castle or otherwise traction a fast one ~ above them. Source from the punchline that a joke:One Wednesday, small Billy went to school. The teacher said, "For the following three days, I will be asking a trivia question, if everyone answers any of them correctly, they won"t have actually to involved school ~ above Monday. The an initial question was, "How numerous grains of sand room on all the world"s beaches?" no one knew, not even small Billy. Suddenly, a record airplane flew across the room. "Okay," said the exasperated teacher, "who"s the comedian through the record airplane?" nobody knew, not even tiny Billy.On Thursday, the inquiry was, "How countless stars are there in the Milky Way?" nobody knew, no even tiny Billy. Suddenly, a gigantic, phlegm soaked spit wad embedded itself top top the blackboard behind the teacher. "Okay," exclaimed the irritable teacher, "who"s the comedian through the spit wad?" nobody knew, not even tiny Billy.On Friday, small Billy brought to college with the two, large, black color bowling balls and also hid lock under his desk.

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At the precise moment prior to the teacher request the day"s trivia question, Billy rolled the two bowling balls under the aisle and also they win the wall surface behind the teacher through a enormous jolt. "Okay," huffed the currently infuriated teacher, "who"s the comedian through the large black balls?" tiny Billy reply quickly,"Eddie Murphy, watch you next Tuesday."

Man: "Hey, that jerk just stole mine wallet!"Thief: "See you next Tuesday!"