The definition cover the brake refers to a driver place their right foot over the brake pedal but not poignant the pedal.

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By extending the brake, the driver is prepare to brake come a stop or sluggish down. Covering the brake is a technique taught by steering instructors to learner drivers at an early stage and the ax is often prolonged to ‘cover the brake and clutch’ in manual cars.

By covering the brake and the clutch, a driver can naturally permit the car to slow-moving down by removing their foot from the accelerator, sluggish down by applying the brake, or change to a lower gear.

Covering the brake is an essential process of learning to drive. That is a process of identify hazards and also potential hazards and also preparing the auto for any kind of such situation. Together a student driver there are many situations that you have to cover the brake and also often the clutch simultaneously.

You should cover the brake when

Approaching a certain stop such together a red light or traffic queue because that example, a driver should cover the brake and also clutch in great time. This will allow the vehicle to normally slow down prior to the require to initially press the brake followed by the clutch just before coming to a stop.

Covering the brake or the clutch through hovering your foot slightly above the pedals

Covering the brake in great time such together these cases is one effective an approach for saving wear and tear on your vehicle and to also save fuel. By slowing down in good time by utilizing this method, a traffic queue or red light deserve to often adjust by the moment you gain there, allowing you to continue without the must stop. Frequently moving a car off and also stopping uses more energy and also so more fuel and additionally causes an ext wear.

Covering the brake and also clutch must be enforced just prior to taking left or best turns. This enables the automobile to slow down in good time together there is no need to brake harshly just before the turn. It is also much safer for vehicles who might be behind you. Approaching any kind of junction or roundabout will frequently require a driver come cover the brake and also clutch uneven the junction is open and the driver can plainly see the is clear to proceed.


Hazards come in the kind of a variety of situations. Draw close a Zebra crossing that together a driver you do not have actually a clear see of both sides, may require you cover the brake and also clutch in preparation to slow down. Any kind of light regulated pedestrian crossing the has people waiting may adjust its lights as you approach. Approaching a cyclists ahead that you wish to overtake or a liven street through pedestrians.

Essentially, covering the brake (and clutch if no in automatic) reduces the moment it takes you to slow-moving down or stop and also is because of this safer. Together a student driver, friend must discover to identify any kind of hazards or potential dangers in good time and also use this extending technique.

Driving test manoeuvres

Driving test manoeuvres should be completed very slowly and can in numerous cars be completed by making use of the clutch alone there is no the require of the accelerator. If your car allows this, you have the right to cover the brake whilst performing the manoeuvre. This renders the procedure of avoiding much much faster if the require arises.

When covering the brake and also clutch

Hold your feet slightly over the pedals and try not to boring them. Merely covering the pedals and not boring them often allows the auto to sufficiently slow down. Even slightly pressing the brake or clutch as soon as covering will cause wear ~ above the brake pads and discs and also on the clutch plates. This could reason the brake and clutch to prematurely wear and need replacing.

Covering the brake basic benefits

The “covering the brake” an approach can be used properly in the adhering to situations:

When driving beside parked dare – this permits for quicker braking response if a human being should walk into the road or if a auto door opens for exampleWhen you check out the brake lights of other cars – enables you to prepare the vehicle for slowly or preventing in an excellent time

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