to pertained to pass: to happen, take place in the course of events, come about, occur, it is in fulfilled.

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Here room some correct uses of the expression:

all things, an excellent and bad, come to pass.

It shall involved pass. Don’t give up on her God-given dreams.

…it appears slow, carry out not despair, because that these things will surely involved pass.

Lately, i have noticed one odd distortion of this idiom right into “goes come pass”:

Love remember who comes first in your life, every little thing goes come pass, but God’s heart will constantly surround us…Amen!

Most that the time, the very first thought that comes is that that whatever goes come pass,

…if every little thing goes to pass, we will eventually be merging v 3SA.

I have done as much as I have the right to to do sure world don’t get evicted from our ceremony venue, and that whatever goes to happen without riots.

These examples come native forums, inspirational blogs, and blog comments–contexts in i m sorry nonstandard English is well-represented. However, ns found an instance of a similar distortion top top a page that has the Quaker Oats logo design at the top. This one offers “goes come pass” as if it meant just “pass,” or “come come an end.” The writer may have been thinking of the expression, “fads/fashions come and go”:

Like most world I’m sure you’ve struggled with keeping your weight and eventually the latest craze and also health trend goes to happen without much success.

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ESL learners have to be aware that “goes to pass”–in any kind of context–is not conventional English.

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1 solution to “Come to Pass”

Alice Kempon February 28, 2014 7:16 pm

I agree that “goes to pass” is quite lousy English as soon as it supplants “comes to pass.” yet when you claimed that expression is not correct in any kind of context, ns couldn’t assist but think of the sentence, “When the goes to happen my house, the tries come hunker down in his seat together low together possible.” In this context, the phrase method “preparing to pass.” I know I’ve heard assorted editions of “goes to” with various endings, which, although possibly not the many formal or elegant English, is not yet not correct either.