On a dark desert highway, cool wind in mine hairWarm odor of colitas, increasing up with the air

As a aramuseum.org indigenous speaker native Spain, i cannot understand what colitas way in this context. Come me, this word way "little tail", as in, once a human being with lengthy hair wears that in a pony tail.

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Also, in countries like Argentina, I understand that cola also means "ass".

However, this song is many probably affected by mexican aramuseum.org, so i went and also looked because that slang meanings of the word. AsíHablamos reveals lots of outcomes and, because that example, it states that in Mexico it can mean one of two people "pussy" (vagina, slang) or "soda":

Vagina, dicho en clases bajas y medias bajas

Bebida gaseosa, pegamento

Still, a "warm odor of colitas" wouldn"t match any type of of these words (well... No, no).

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So, suspect this is a mexico aramuseum.org word, what is the meaning? Is that still being used in the slang context?

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According come the many voted answer come this really same inquiry on Musicfans.SE, a "colita" is basically a share (the marijuana kind):

The means I heard it, one of the males on their roadway crew, that was Latino, told Henley and Frey that "colitas" expected "little buds" in aramuseum.org. As in, marijuana buds. So, in that lyric they"re explicate driving down the highway cigarette smoking weed.

The comment even mention Wikipedia, which supports this interpretation amongst others:

The ax "colitas" in the first stanza ("warm smell of colitas, climbing up v the air") has actually been construed as a sexual slang or a reference to marijuana. "Colitas" way "little tails" in aramuseum.org; in mexico slang it describes buds of the cannabis (marijuana) plant. According to glen Frey, the "warm smell" is "colitas...it way little tails, the very top that the plant." The Eagles" manager Irving Azoff appears to lend assistance to the marijuana hypothesis, however, Felder said: "The colitas is a plant that grows in the desert that blooms in ~ night, and also it has actually this kind of pungent, almost funky smell. Don Henley come up with a lot of the lyrics for the song, and also he come up with colitas."