Let’s get ago to the vehicle business. We understand a the majority of the car companies are called after their founders – the tendency was spread worldwide from the earliest electrical automobiles. These include Ford (after Henry Ford), Peugeot (after the Peugeot family), likewise later Bentley (after Walter Owen Bentley), Porsche (after Ferdinand Porsche). The tendency is also present in Asia by auto manufacturers like Toyota (after Kiichiro Toyoda) and also Honda (after Soichiro Honda).

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However, there room still original firm names in between the world-wide known brands in the car industry. The naming strategy is often so distinctive that they can not be placed in categories. However Audi and also Volvo can. Can you guess: v what the connection in between those two famous automobile companies is in regards to naming? Latin.


Volvo – on the different car company names

Despite that Volvo is a Swedish firm the founders didn’t name the auto Viking or Nordic or anything favor that. They made decision on the Latin indigenous volvere, meaning to roll. It appears a reasonable word selection since the function of functioning on a Swedish auto project was to build cars that might withstand the cold Scandinavian weather and uneven roads – basically a vehicle that rolls. What they walk is only conjugate the verb volvere in an initial person (because unlike in English plenty of other language use comparable but still different words once saying I roll, you roll, etc) and also voilà – you have actually Volvo. It’s favor the vehicle speaks come you – I roll.


Audi – ~ above the translated car agency names

The reason for naming the renowned car company Audi isn’t the spontaneous compared to Volvo. The truth is that the founder August Horch (and no the AU in Audi no come from the first two letter of the founder’s name) had originally founded one more car company called August Horch & Co. This occurred in 1904 when the German engineer had quit functioning for karl Benz. However, after some problems in the company, in 1909 Horch started a 2nd company – however his family name can not be provided again together a name for the agency because the didn’t have the rights on the agency name. The story claims that among his organization partners’ son came up through the surname Audi. But this no a arbitrarily Latin indigenous that simply starts with the letter A (as girlfriend may know by now from our blog posts having a firm name the starts v A is great due to the fact that you get listed early in alphabetically notified lists). If you speak German you’ll understand that horch comes native the infinitive type of horchen and actually has a an interpretation – to hear (carefully). Now, can you assumption: v what the Latin translate in of horchen is? the audire – a verb that when conjugated in the same type as horch, becomes audi. The name appeared logical due to the fact that August Horch could no much longer use his very own name. And also a little much more than 100 years later Audi is still among the most famous names in the auto industry.

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