In the West the God of Love is many often illustrated as a winged boy through a bow, occasionally blindfolded. Right here is a great example, at the really top of one of Botticelli’s many symbolically complex works:


Botticelli, Primavera / Allegory that Spring, c.1482, Uffizi Gallery, Florence

The Greeks dubbed him “Eros,” which way “intimate love,” yet their version of his story as among the first gods has been changed by the roman version, which explains the God that Love together a little boy, the boy of Venus, the roman inn Goddess the Love. Renaissance artists provided his Roman type for inspiration, and also he continues to be stood for that means today:


Cupid Clip Art

The Romans called him “Cupid,” which method “desire,” and gave the the nickname “Amor,” the Latin word because that Love. Each among his features or attributes reveals one element of love and also can be checked out either as optimistic or negative.

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Cupid’s most essential attribute is his bow and arrows. He constantly has arrows make of gold, and also sometimes also arrows made of lead. If he shoots who in the heart with a gold arrow, that person will loss in love v the an initial one lock see. That is the beginning of the arrow-through-the-heart symbol, meaning someone is in love:


If Cupid shoots someone through a leaden arrow, then that person will never ever be in love v the one they view after being shot. Here is Cupid approximately no good, v his bow and both kinds of arrowhead on the floor:


Jacques-Louis David, Mars Disarmed by Venus — detail, 1824, Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts, Brussels

While part think the arrows represent the truth that love hurts, castle can also be seen as the price of the pangs one feels as soon as falling in love.

But why is Cupid a tiny boy? Because, like most boys, love is mischievous. Love plays with people’s hearts choose a boy plays with his toys, without reasoning of the consequences.


Pompeo Batoni, Diana and Cupid, 1761, urban Museum of Art, new York

Cupid also always has actually wings. Is it because some lover are prefer birds and quickly fly away? Or is it due to the fact that love gives you wings? Again, that depends on your suggest of view, and your experience, however the wing are always there:


Alfred Gilbert, 1893, Shaftesbury Monument, Piccadilly Circus, London — Source: Tumblr user Antonio-M

Cupid’s blindfold is also variously understood as confident or negative. For some, “love is blind” way that appearances don’t issue in true love. Because that others, the blindness method that civilization in love don’t understand what they’re doing, or that love is careless and uncontrolled.


Piero della Francesca, Cupid Blindfolded — detail, c.1460, Basilica di san Francesco, Arezzo

In the end, Cupid has all those characteristics since love is regularly thought to it is in irrational, painful, blind, playful, uplifting, and also a lot an ext depending on how you see it.

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The point is that Cupid to represent love in all its forms, with all the complexities and contradictions.