an accusation the a boy criminal offence broughtagainst who so that they have the right to be hosted by police when moreserious charges are all set orinvestigated.

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That means some other jurisdiction has actually a warrantout because that him. Essentially, that means that there is someoneelse wait in line because that him after he is done with his currentcourt case. That will stop him from bonding out because if youhave a hold you cannot go anywhere.

Subsequently, concern is, what does hold for firm mean? merely means there is one more agency thathas placed a "hold" top top them and also they won"t it is in released.Typically as result of a warrant.

likewise to know, what walk Municipal organize GPD mean?

It generally means that the localmunicipality has actually placed a justice hold ~ above a personor your property.

What does picked up on hold mean?

If a book is ~ above hold, it means the it hasbeen asked for by a patron. If you have actually received an alert abouta hold being put on a book that you at this time have out,it means that there has been a request for the title. Thishold will avoid you native renewing your loan.

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How long have the right to jail host you?

The police can organize you for as much as 24 hours beforethey need to charge you with a crime or relax you.They can use to hold you for up to 36 or 96 stupid you"re doubt of a major crime, eg murder. Youcan be hosted without fee for up to 14 job If you"rearrested under the terrorism Act.
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What is an investigative hold?

A twenty-four hour hold is aninvestigative detention. It enables an officer to conduct anindepth investigation and interview of one individual. At theend of twenty-four hours, the party must be placed under arrest,booked and permitted to do bail.
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How long can they hold you in jail there is no a bond?

Most states can"t hold doubt injail for much more than 48 to 72 hrs without filingcharges versus them.
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What go sleeper typical in jail?

Drama in prison speech means a struggle oran assault. If the drama is around to gain thick top top the yard,then prisoners know to stay in your unit (sleepingquarters) because violence will it is in popping off between twodifferent cars. Many prisoners invest a many time ineducation.
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What go OOC mean in jail?

Generally in Harris county ooc method the personhas an the end of county case.
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What does on view typical in jail?

The phrase "on view" way the officer arrestedyou there is no a warrant and established probable reason to arrest byobserving or "viewing" a criminal offense in his/herimmediate presence. The phrase "on view" simply method thatthe
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What walk a USM organize mean?

Originally post by fbopnomore. The united state Marshal holdmeans she is being held in the ar jail at thedirection the the Marshals, many likely since of other the BOPsays she go wrong when on residence confinement (the programfailure).
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What does municipal objective mean?

municipal objectives means household and sanitarypurposes, the watering that streets, walks, paths, boulevards,lawns and gardens, fire protection and also the flushing the sewers, andincludes the construction of buildings and of civic works, andother purposes usually served by water within a city, town,or town and such
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What go Unsentenced mean?

Definition that unsentenced. : not sentencedespecially : not condemned to penalty or punishment.
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What is an unspecified warrant?

A basic warrant describes a warrantproviding a law-enforcement officer with vast discretion orauthority come search and seize unspecified locations or persons.A basic warrant lacks a saturated particularizeddescription of the human being or point to it is in seized or the ar to besearched.
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What does hold for general practitioners mean?

A Neebia Hold means that you must be may be toshow the the money being used for the shortcut is no from drug salesor any other illegal activity. A GPS hold likelymeans the if the bonds out he will certainly be required to wear aGPS monitor.

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What does hold for other jurisdiction mean?

It means that the jail is hold a person NOTfor charges in their jurisdiction, yet they space holding themfor another jurisdiction and are waiting on one officer to goto the jail and also transport them come the otherjurisdiction.
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