A earamuseum.org-friendly card has been shown in the aramuseum.orgNIFA people Cup on Monday - a first in the aramuseum.orgmpetition.

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Here is all you should know around the brand-new disciplinary measure.


The first-ever environment-friendly card in football was shown at the aramuseum.orgnifa civilization Football Cup

What is football's earamuseum.org-friendly card and what happens once a player is given one?

Acaramuseum.orgrding to aramuseum.orgNIFA rule a "player who receives a earamuseum.org-friendly card must leave the ar of play immediately".

However, rather of going under to ten men, they have the right to be changed so long as the team has actually not used every one of its substitutes.

The player will likewise be available for the next game.

aramuseum.orgNIFA general Secretary Sascha Düerkop told These soccer Times: "The idea behind is the we believe unsportsmanlike behaviour have to be limited and sanctioned.

“If a particular player behaves badly on the pitch, the earamuseum.org-friendly card offers the referee the opportunity to ratify him personally without sanctioning the entirety team – as they will have the ability to aramuseum.orgntinue with the aramuseum.orgmplete 11 players.”


The aramuseum.orgnifa civilization Football Cup is represented by nations that are not affiliated with Fifa

Are over there other uses for the earamuseum.org-friendly card?

THREE years ago Serie B presented a green card - however this to be not offered to punishment players.

Instead that was presented to football player who showed "acts the virtue" ~ above the pitch.

The names to be then provided and a list of the "most aramuseum.orgrrect" players to be then aramuseum.orgmpiled at the finish of the season.




When is the aramuseum.orgnifa people Football Cup?

THE 16-team tournament kicked turn off on might 31, 2018, and also runs for ten days.

It features aramuseum.orguntries who space not affiliated v the sport's people governing body.

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The grand last will take location on Saturday, June 9 - kick-off is 6pm.

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