You’ve heard them dubbed “buffalo.” did you do it heard them called “bison.” Naturally, you’ve most likely wondered: what is the difference between a buffalo and also a bison? The prize is a little complex. Bison and buffalo are, in fact, two various (but related) animals; however, when beforehand settlers an initial saw American bison, they confused it with the buffalo native to Africa and Asia, and also the surname stuck! Today, plenty of use the terms interchangeably to refer to the majestic animals and delicious meat that have become component of the fabric of American history.

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Beyond their storied history, bison space fascinating creatures. Read on to find out some the the many interesting, exciting facts around American buffalo!


1. Bison are Huge

When it pertains to American buffalo, “big” is one understatement. A masculine bison can weigh about 2,000 pounds and also stand at about six feet tall. Females, ~ above the other hand, weigh up to 1,000 pounds and also are typically four to five feet in height. Also calves have the right to weigh as lot as 70 pounds in ~ birth!

2. Bison display Their Mood with Their Tails

When a bison is emotion calm, that is tail will certainly hang loosely and swish from side to side. However, as soon as it feel alarmed or is preparing to charge, that is tail lifts and rises straight up. Nevertheless of the tail position, a bison have the right to charge at any type of second, therefore you should never obtain too close come one.

3. They’re Fast and also Agile

Despite your size, bison deserve to run at speeds up to 40 miles every hour and also can jump six feet vertically. Lock can also spin around and swim quickly, making them ideal viewed indigenous a distance.

4. Their Coats save Them Warm

Many animals burn extra calories to save themselves warmth in freezing temperatures, but buffalo do not require to. This is since their winter coats are very dense, even permitting snow come sit top top the surface ar of their fur without melting. Meanwhile, the bison remains safe and warm in its great of insulation.

5. Bison Babies adjust Colors

Bison calves are additionally called “red dogs” because they"re born with a reddish hide that alters color ~ birth. Together they acquire older, your hide i do not care a deep brown color. This is also when they develop a hump on their backs.

6. They make Sounds like a Lawnmower

Buffalo do a selection of noises, consisting of grunts, growls, bellows, and snorts. Some human being have contrasted the grunting noise that a bison come the sound the a lawnmower or a truck.

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7. All Bison have Horns

Both male and also female bison have horns, which start to prosper when castle are around two years old. Prior to this age, the horn is a quick stump the protrudes native the head just above the ears. The horns then curve increase at a 45-degree angle, and also the growth pattern continues until the bison is around four years old. In ~ first, the horns might be black, but as the bison ages, they turn gray. As soon as the buffalo it s okay older, the horns become stumpy and also rounded.

8. Bison Meat Is Delicious

Bison meat is delicious and also nutritious, containing under calories, an ext protein, and also less fat than beef. The best part? also though it"s a many healthier, bison meat tastes a lot like beef. In fact, most civilization even think bison tastes better than beef!

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