It feels awful to be hated by anyone. It feels especially terrible when this hate appears to be coming from your own mom.

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It have the right to be tricky to know where these feelings come from and also how finest to attend to them. Plenty of times, once you feel prefer your mother hates you, this is genuinely no the case—there might be other factors and also conflicts in ~ play that are bring about tension in her relationship.

However, if you feeling the hate you consciousness is more serious, long-term, or otherwise harder come individually manage, that is an important to know what your options for exterior support are.

If you feel the you have exhausted every one of your options to much better your connection with your mom, or if you suspect you space a victim that abuse, know that you worthy to acquire help.

If her feelings space new, or if you want to understand them better, it might be useful to break them down. In this article, us will aid you better understand her feelings, determine them, and also also carry out resources and choices for someone who is genuinely hated by a parent.

Here are seven things you can do as soon as you feel favor your mommy hates you.

1. Recognize Where your “My mommy Hates Me” Thoughts are Coming From


Feeling Hated through Anyone deserve to Be very Difficult
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Think around why friend feel choose your mother hates you. The may assist to obtain out a pen and paper and write around your feelings for ten or fifteen minutes.

Ask yourself some questions about the situation.

Did a certain instance cause your believed of “my mom hates me?” Or is this an ext of a general feeling? possibly you gained into a fight, throughout which your mommy actually said she no you, or maybe she forgot something necessary to you. Possibly nothing certain happened, but you feel choose your mom treats you differently from her siblings. Probably you just have actually the feeling that she no you.

Whatever the case, simply knowing whereby your feelings room coming from have the right to help. You might realize that your mommy doesn’t really hate you but was angry and said miscellaneous she didn’t median in the warmth of the moment.

You may also realize that there’s miscellaneous your mother repeatedly go that renders you feel bad. While this might be a pains realization, remember that it is easier to attend to a particular situation 보다 a basic feeling that “my mommy hates me.” once you recognize your beliefs, friend can better express them come your mother or mental health professional.

2. Manage Your Expectations and also Get top top the very same Page

We have expectations for everyone. We suppose strangers to waiting in heat at the grocery store, not cut in former of us. Us hope our friends to listen to us if we’re going v a rough time. And we often tend to intend a lot from ours mothers.

You and also your mother might have various expectations of what it means to love someone.

It’s entirely possible that your mother loves you an extremely much—but she shows it in a different means than girlfriend would expect her come or want her to


Think the a case in i m sorry a son hates piano lessons. The mother knows that the boy hates piano lessons, but she still provides her go every Tuesday night. The child thinks her mother must dislike her and also that this is some type of cruel and unusual punishment.

However, the mom is most likely not reasoning of this in ~ all. In fact, she might be thinking that playing the piano is a great skill. Perhaps she thinks it will aid her child get into college and also build a better future for herself. Perhaps the mom also wishes that her own mom gave her this opportunity, and also she think she’s providing her kid a good gift.

It’s entirely feasible that your mom has actually your finest interest at heart, even if, to you, the doesn’t feel that way.

It’s also feasible that your mom doesn’t establish what your expectations are, or that there is a legitimate reason that your mother can’t satisfy them.

Think around your expectation of your mom. Are they realistic? If castle are, does she realize what girlfriend want? Is there a legitimate factor why she can’t meet these expectations? and is it feasible that she is reflecting you that she loves girlfriend in a different way than you desire to it is in loved?

Understand the your mommy is her mom, but she’s also a person. She’s responsible to do oversights. She doesn’t always know just how you feel, specifically if friend haven’t said her. If you feel favor your mom is failing to meet basic expectations, prefer caring for and also respecting you, you room not doing anything not correct by expecting far better from her.

Working to understand the fact of the situation, in this case, can aid you recognize if the is something friend may be able to work on together or if it might be time to seek exterior help.

3. Don’t take it It Personally—Try to see Your Mom’s suggest Of View

Sometimes a case has naught to do with you—but you feel like it does. Welcome to Personalization.

Personalization is a kind ofcognitive distortion.When reality and how girlfriend perceive reality don’t match up, you endure what’s dubbed a cognitive distortion.

The cognitive distortion of personalization renders you feel favor a instance that is past your manage is all her fault. Friend blame you yourself for events that girlfriend don’t—and can’t—control.

It’s straightforward to start to think, “my mommy hates me” if she speaks harshly to you or snaps at you, or if you struggle to discover time to invest with her. In situations like this, it’s feasible your mom’s behavior has naught to carry out with you. Most likely your mommy is in a negative mood. She might be overworked, overstressed, or handle with one more problem.

Think about your mom’s circumstances. Possibly she recently lost her job, or maybe she’s right now overworked. Is it feasible that she had actually a bad day? She might have let out her disappointed on you.

It may feel choose it isn’t fair to simply look past or forgive actions, words, or other actions that hurt her feelings or do you upset.

Your emotions and reactions are valid, and they should not it is in overlooked; however, it can be helpful and also comforting to remember that things room not your fault. Try to remember that your mother is just human and is at risk to poor days—just favor you. In part cases, it might be finest to execute your ideal to understand and also to let points go.

It is additionally essential to understand in which situations it may not be ideal to simply shot and relocate past harmful plot or words.

If your encounters through your mom are commonly upsetting, belittling, frightening, or otherwise reason emotional or physical distress, it is vital to take them seriously. While the is normal for your mother to have actually her very own stressors and stressful days, the is not an agree excuse because that abusive behavior.

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Part of no taking it personally may include understanding the you room not to blame for these species of serious harmful relationships and also that you worthy to get the outside assist and assistance you might need. That may benefit you to reach out to and also seek aid from support household members, friends, or professionals.