By Webster thesaurus a leatherworker is someone that works through leather, developing different items out of leather. The worker skives, cuts, shapes, molds, stitches and makes animal leather items. This is a very broad term that deserve to be damaged down into many different specialties of animal leather working. This day we space going to define what is a leatherworker called and also different terms because that leather workers.

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What is a leatherworker?

There are plenty of different species of leather workers. Every one take away on a specific role to manipulate a leather hide. One of two people to make leather goods, rotate a hide into leather or to make art right into leather.

What is someone called when castle prepare leather?

Tanners or Curriers are a general term for human being who prepare leather before it can be crafted. This method they manage the tanning process of leather, remove hair and wash the leather.

– Tanners and also Curriers –

Curriers often tend to take the tanned animal leather from the tanners and also apply finishers, dyes and also waterproofing to the leather. This need to be done prior to going out to the public because leather can conveniently start to rot as soon as the animal has to be killed. These leather workers will allow the animal leather to last a really long time.

What is someone called when they do saddles and also horseequipment?

Saddlers space a hatchet for details leather crafters who make horse saddles. These saddles use really thick and also multiple great of leather hold the strength of the rider. Saddles do not finish with equines as specialized saddles have actually been made come fit other pets such together camels. Before saddles had been made, blankets and other soft cloth had been provided over peak the ago of the horse for much more comfort.

Horse saddle

Lorimer leather crafters focus on steed tack. This is a wide variety of equipment that is created for horses and other residential animals. Some equipment made would be straps, harnesses, breastplates, and also head gear for the driver to regulate (aka martingales).

What is someone dubbed when they do leather designs?

There are two key ways to add a design into leather, this would be carving and also painting. Leather carvers usage a swivel knife and stamping devices to produce unique texture and also imagery into leather. This technique creates a cool 3D effect into the leather that you can feel.


Leather painters use acrylic based repaint to paint images onto the leather. This will produce extra bold color in animal leather that consistent dye can not accomplish. Girlfriend will sometimes see painting by themselves or combined with animal leather carving. The mixing of approaches creates a really cool 3D vivid piece for the customer.

There is additionally a type of burning leather also known together Pyrography. This leather burners use lumber burning tools to melt imagery inside leather. This also creates a distinctive look together the leather will be inlaid and also burnt through a distinct image.

What is someone referred to as when they make leather shoes?

Shoemakers (as you could guess) do footwear, and this hatchet is supplied regardless the material. Shoemakers use leather, canvas, suede, wood and or rubber. Although the craft has come a lengthy way, there room as countless handmade shoes as result of mass production. But before this, each shoe, boot, sandal, moccasin and also heel would be made by hand one in ~ a time.

Cobblers at the same time are who you go to as soon as you need a fix in her shoe. Although most shoemakers and also cobblers can go in in between crafts, it is great to cite the term. Since shoe making to be a big craft, gift a cobbler can reward you v a great job fixing shoes.

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Shoemaker/Repairer – photo Courtesy of require Pix

Other significant terms of animal leather workers

Cordwainer is another term for shoe an equipment who gained the surname from working with cordovan leather. This is why that is much more known to be a animal leather crafter functioning with very fine/fancy leather. A an elaborate shoe maker, that height shelf shoe.

Bottelier is well-known to it is in someone who works to produce leather bottles. This bottles room much an ext lightweight and durable than its glass counterpart.

– Leather party –

Thonger leather employees are recognized to focus on making animal leather straps and also laces. These finished assets could be supplied with shoemakers and saddlers as steed tack uses plenty of different straps.

Girdlers are recognized to make numerous different clothing style tools common among women’s fashion. This deserve to be indigenous cord, sash, belts, come lightweight garments. Lock not only make these items for women but additionally are supplied to make military equipment.

Male makers meanwhile will do trunks/ pants and other clothing articles usually roughly men’s fashion.

Scabbard makers focus on do scabbards because that swords, due to the fact that they require some protection too.


There are countless different develops of leather crafting whetheryou are making shoes, wallets or holster. Every one of these state will loss under aleather worker or animal leather crafter. Someonewho soley focusses ~ above sheaths can be referred to as a sheath an equipment or holster machine forguns.

But ns hoped this reply the inquiry of what is a leatherworker and different forms of leatherworking. If you have any other principles of particular makers in the craft, drop a comment below.

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