There are many different names because that each type of horse which you might not be acquainted with. Us don’t mean the breed, yet the names because that whether it is one adult female, or a baby male. Girlfriend will check out words such as gelding and also yearling throughout the site describing the gender. If these terms space unknown or fuzzy to you, we desire to clean them up to make sure that you review a horse's details correctly.

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There are many terms across all ages and genders, and it can acquire confusing therefore we desire to lay that out clearly and exact.

Foal – This is the term for either a male or female horse that is under the age of one year (can be either gelded or no gelded). This is the generalised term for a child horse, prior to being categorised into gendered phrases favor below.

Colt – A male equine that is under the age of four. More specifically, in thoroughbred racing state this is a male steed older 보다 two however up to the age of four, that has actually not been castrated.


Filly – A female equine that is under the age of four and also therefore not old sufficient to it is in a mare. The age range is periodically different across the globe and also in the US and the UK, racing federations express that fillies can be increase to five years old.


Yearling – This a horse older 보다 a foal however too young to be a colt or filly. As it is stated in the name, a yearling is a horse that is a year old. They space still a yearling every the way up come their second birthday.


Weanling – Sometimes well-known as a ‘weaner’, is a horse that is frequently between fifty percent a year and a year old. They are classed as a weanling as soon as they no longer rely on their mother’s feed and are being presented to a appropriate diet.


Juvenile – A juvenile horse deserve to cross over into colt/filly classification, yet is traditionally a steed at the age of two years old.

Mare – In typical terms a mare is a female equine that is end the age of three (4 or older). Yet like many of the various other terminologies, the racing people has various interpretations and also see’s a mare as being end the period of 4 (5 or older).


Stallion – This is adult male equine that isn’t castrated, an interpretation the visibility of testosterone is visible. This provides stallions quite muscular and also dominant in appearance.


(Full) equine – Adult male horse

Gelding – This is a stallion that has been castrated for this reason they deserve to no much longer breed or inseminate. When a steed is gelded they likewise have your hormone levels buffered, an interpretation they will certainly behave in a much calmer and also controlled fashion.

Broodmare – A female equine over the age of three, the is maintained for reproduction purposes.


Stud – These are un-castrated stallions of the highest possible quality that room sought after for breeding.

Sire – If a stud to produce offspring, the male horse will be referred to as a Sire in this context (A horse’s father).

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Dam - If a mare to produce offspring, the female steed will be described as a dam in this context (A horse’s mother).

Get – one offspring indigenous a Stallion

Rig/Ridgling – A stallion or colt that has not been castrated

Aged – this term can be supplied to explain a horse of end 15 year of age

You have to now it is in up to rate with all the equine related jargon once it involves identifying the type of a horse. This will certainly be really valuable for identifying what equines are on our site and also giving girlfriend a good idea of what varieties of steed are suitable for your needs.