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In the book, Frankenstein, Victor and the biology (or maybe "the monster") share countless commonalities and differences in language that encourages the reader to reflect on who the monster important is in the story. Back the creature and also Victor initially appear blatantly different, Mary Shelley makes use of their language to...

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In the book, Frankenstein, Victor and also the biology (or maybe "the monster") share many commonalities and also differences in language that motivates the reader to reflect on that the monster truly is in the story. Return the creature and also Victor initially appear blatantly different, Mary Shelley utilizes their language to present they have an ext in typical than appears initially, especially in relation to their usage of language to get power.

Foremost, Victor frequently uses language to empower himself more through education. As watched in the story, Victor supplies language (verbal and also written) come learn much more about science, particularly with "forbidden" sciences. With this, Victor ultimately becomes a society hermit who spends much time alone, studying books for the power in language and as a result, he create the creature. 

On the various other hand, the creature likewise uses the strength of language, however his original purpose is because that a various intention. Once the creature ultimately finds a little French family members that he wants to attach with and also relate to. He learns language to empower self to satisfy this goal. However, his plan of using language"s power are not effective (although that does gain the language). 

As a result, both the creature and Victor use language for power. For Victor, he desires language"s power to become an ext knowledgeable and also even to produce life. Top top the other hand, the creature desires to usage language"s power to connect through others. Unfortunately, return both were successful in using language, language became a double-edged knife that promoted much damage and also left both characters with regret.