As I’m planning my homestead, I’ve made decision on alpacas, but at the same time–llamas make decent breed boy guardians. Ns was thinking around their similarities and also how to take treatment of them. For alpacas, apples space a common treat, however can llamas have fruit too? ns did some research study to uncover out. Here’s what ns found.

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Llamas can have part fruits as treats, however they normally gain most of their food through grazing ~ above grass. They can have fruits choose apples and also pineapples, but because llamas don’t have any type of top teeth, the fruit requirements to be reduced into tiny pieces. Treats need to be occasional as foods items high in sugar deserve to upset a llama’s digestion.

So, if llamas deserve to eat some fruits, if castle eat too numerous they have the right to bloat and potentially build gut issues. Also, part fruits deserve to be poisonous come them. So, i beg your pardon fruits have the right to llamas eat, and which can’t castle eat? have to they even be eating fruit in the an initial place?

Should Llamas Eat Fruit?


In the wild, llamas ate many plants such together lichens, tree foliage, and also shrubs. Now, many llamas eat greens, pellets, and hay. So, feeding fruit is a bit outside of their typical diet and can upset your stomach.

Llamas can eat fruit, but the quantity, size, and form should it is in limited. Fruit need to be reduced up right into smaller chunks so the llamas don’t choke on it. It’s finest to leaving fruit together an occasional treat, instead of component of their meal, together the majority of a llama’s diet must be consisted of of hay and grass.

Depending on her climate, llamas will certainly eat grass top top the pasture in the summer, and hay in the winter. Outside of these, they deserve to be fed a little amount the alfalfa hay (not for pregnant llamas). Fruit should be cure the very same and minimal if possible. The high lot of sugar from the fruit deserve to upset the llama’s gut and bloat them. In excessive cases, they can need to be checked out by a vet.

For an ext information about what to feeding llamas, examine out my various other post: the complete guide come feeding llamas and also alpacas.

Which Fruit have the right to Llamas Eat?

The two fruits that space most generally used as treats for llamas space apples and pineapples. However, various other homesteaders have treated llamas with bananas, watermelon, and peaches and the llamas didn’t show any signs of intolerance. Moderation is most vital when feeding any fruit come llamas.

Most homesteaders prefer to play it safe and also just treat their llamas sometimes with cut-up apples. But, some have experimented with various other fruits and also have reported your llamas were fine. Here’s a full list this homesteaders provided:


Some also tried exploring with plums to see if the llamas were interested (spoiler: they were definitely interested).

The as whole consensus was that apples were the many popular and also safest fruit to feeding them.

While the fruits on this list should be okay to feeding to her llamas in small amounts, consult her llama’s veterinarian before an altering their feed.

Which Fruit Can’t Llamas Eat?

While there’s a large list of fruits llamas deserve to eat, there’s rather a couple of they can’t eat together well. These fruit can cause a much more adverse reaction in llamas and also can even reason death, so think about keeping llamas far from these fruits (and any kind of of the trees or tree that flourish them).

Here’s a list of the fruit llamas can’t eat:

CherriesNightshade (tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, and eggplant)

Other 보다 the fruit, llamas have to not eat the leaves from this trees together well. For example, leaves from black color cherry trees are an extremely toxic and can kill many livestock. If you’re top top a more recent pasture, take into consideration checking that there aren’t any wild black color cherry trees growing before you location your livestock in your ranges.

What to feed Llamas for Treats

Llamas can be fed countless fruits and also vegetables for treats. Some the the most common are broccoli, carrots, apples, and sweet potatoes. with these, it’s still vital to rest up the fruits and also veggies right into smaller pieces because of the llama’s absence of prior teeth.

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Final Thoughts

Fruits can be frequently used as treats for llamas, yet eating too much or the not correct fruits have the right to make the llama sick. Usual symptoms space bloating and digestive worries (you might additionally see a adjust in their stool’s consistency). Llamas only have actually bottom teeth and a set of rear top and also bottom molars, so rest up the fruit into tiny chunks to protect against choking. Lastly, check which fruits space on their for sure list, and also when in doubt, stick come apples.