Activity:WalkingDuration:7 NightsDistance:121 kmDifficulty:MediumTime come Go:March come NovemberPrice:From €820Rating:

Camino Finisterre Guided Tour.

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Walk the Camino Finisterre Guided tourism to the beautiful Atlantic shore of Galicia, the ‘Edge that the World’! The quiet Finisterre Camino is a distinct route together it is the just one beginning in Santiago de Compostela. This Camino follow is claimed to it is in older 보다 Christianity through pre-Christian pilgrims following the trail to wherein the sun ‘dies’ and also the land ends.

This great Camino Finisterre Guided tour tour take away your team to small villages and hamlets, across remote farmland and unspoiled landscapes. You will certainly walk to the sea cliffs of the westernmost suggest in Spain, come Cape Fisterra (Finisterre in Spanish).

This beautiful region is well-known as the ‘Costa da Morte’, a land full of fascinating traditions, rich heritage, very delicious seafood, and spectacular scenery.From Fisterra, the team will proceed their Camino journey to the fishing village of Muxia, house to the picturesque sanctuary the ‘Our Lady the the Boat’. Craggy coves and pristine sandy beaches will certainly amaze friend on this trail follow me the stunning shore of Atlantic Galicia.

In this article, you have the right to read much more about Muxia and also its history and traditions.

Get her ‘Finisterrana’ pilgrim certificate in Fisterra and also your ‘Muxiana’ pilgrim certificate as soon as you come in Muxía.

If friend would like to know more about what it is prefer to to walk the Camino Finisterre indigenous Santiago, reporter Lizzie Enfield wrote about her suffer with she teenage daughter: walking the Camino de Fisterra, by Lizzie Enfield.

Camino de Fisterra guided tours depart on particular dates. Friend will have to select this start day when booking.

Please note: This tourism is conducted in English however all our guides room fluent in Spanish also.

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Your Camino pilgrimage starts once you come in Santiago airport. You will certainly be moved to her accommodation in the center of Santiago where this evening you will have dinner and the chance to accomplish with her guide and also fellow group members. Your guide will give you a quick an introduction of the comes days walks and you will have the ability to ask any kind of questions you may have. While you room in the city you need to take part time to check out Santiago’s UNESCO-listed old town and also its wonders before you embark on your journey come the ‘Edge the the World’!