JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (BP) — The day after brand-new York jet quarterback Tim Tebow cancelled a scheduled appearance at first Baptist Church in Dallas, his pastor dubbed for prayer because that him and those “hated by the world” because of the stands they take.

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Mac Brunson, an elderly pastor of an initial Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Fla., is the previous pastor of an initial Baptist Dallas. In 2006 Brunson left Dallas to lead the downtown Jacksonville megachurch, whereby the Tebow family are members.

Tebow announced via twitter Feb. 21 he would not speak April 28 in ~ the Texas church’s grand opening solemn event of the new, $130 million campus in downtown Dallas. “I will proceed to use the platform God has actually blessed me v to bring Faith, Hope and also Love to every those needing a brighter day,” Tebow tweeted.

A media onslaught around Tebow’s speaking engagement hit after a brand-new York everyday News headline referred to as Tebow’s appearance a “hate date” and also the Huffington write-up characterized FBC Dallas in a headline together the “Virulently Anti-Gay, Anti-Semitic Church first Baptist Dallas.”

The pastor at an initial Baptist Dallas, Robert Jeffress, has been nationally significant in stating his biblical views concerning marriage, homosexuality, and also during the presidential project last year, Mormonism, according to the southerly Baptist Texan newspaper.


In a statement to the Florida Baptist Witness, Brunson claimed the media assaults on Jeffress, the church and Tebow are without merit. “Clearly there is a prejudice in this nation when it pertains to evangelical Christianity,” he said.

Further, Tebow’s home church and an initial Baptist Dallas share the same beliefs, Brunson said.

“There would certainly not be a wisp that difference between the theology of first Baptist Church Dallas and an initial Baptist Church Jacksonville,” Brunson said. “First Baptist Church Jacksonville holds to the inerrant, authoritative word of God. We organize to the timeless historic doctrines that the faith.

“We believe in marriage in between one man and also one woman simply as we watch in Genesis, reiterated in the new Testament and what every society for 8,000 year of recorded history has demonstrated,” Brunson said. “While holding up the typical of God’s Word, us love all people since God in Christ has actually loved us. The forgiveness the God in Christ is easily accessible to all.”

Tebow has actually been no stranger to controversy and has stood solid to encourage his views,” Brunson said.

“In the middle of media scrutiny, spin, and also relentless analysis, Tim Tebow’s testimony has captivated the faithful, the unbelieving, and also everyone in between,” Brunson said. “He has actually taken bold represents Christ consistently that would have actually withered the best of us. This is no a human that capitulates. Over there is a lot going on best now, yet Timmy trusts the lord to lead him and also he has committed his life to following Jesus.”

Brunson asked for prayer for the 25-year-old athlete that slips in and also out of church anytime he’s at home in Jacksonville.

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“We have to pray because that Tim. I spoke through Timmy recently and he quiet believes deep in the Gospel us all organize dear. Together an NFL football player, God has blessed him with a platform to re-publishing the love of Jesus Christ v millions. He will resolve other worries in his time,” Brunson said.

“We must pray for the good people and also pastor at an initial Baptist Church that Dallas. Lock too have actually taken a courageous was standing for our Lord,” Brunson said. “Christ self told united state that we would certainly be hated by the world since the human being hated Him. These room days to it is in bold because that Christ and to love one another.”–30–Joni B. Hannigan is controlling editor of the Florida Baptist witness (www.GoFBW.com ), whereby this story very first appeared. Obtain Baptist press headlines and also breaking news top top Twitter (
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