Rare nerd glasses space another very popular rarely item in pet Jam. This glasses will certainly instantly do your pet look favor a bookworm that can assist with her math homework.

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The rarely nerd glasses first appeared in respectable 2013 together a rare Item Monday item and were marketed at Jam Mart clothing for one day. The expense of the nerd glasses to be 950 gems which made them a quite expensive item.


As you have the right to see here, the rare nerd glasses have actually a black frame and no lenses. They have a piece of tape on the middle of the glasses holding lock together. There’s additionally a pencil attached come one side of the frame.

There room actually two different versions of the rarely nerd glasses – The rim version and the Adventure version. Right here are the differences in between the 2 versions.

Rare article Monday Nerd Glasses

The rare Item Monday nerd glasses were only accessible for one day which make them really hard come get. If girlfriend were among the happy Jammers who obtained these ago in 2013, they space worth fairly a lot in a trade now.


This variation of the rare nerd glasses has silver ice cream in the middle of the frame and features a pencil with silver colored wood on the end. Although ns would definitely not introduce it, you can recycle these rare nerd glasses because that 925 jewel which is a lot more than you typically get. Yet these are worthy way more in profession value!

Adventure rare Nerd Glasses (aka Glitched Version)

The Adventure rarely nerd glasses to be released as a prize because that completing certain adventures in pet Jam. This version of the nerd glasses can not be to buy in shop so friend either have to win lock or profession to acquire them.

They different from the in salt nerd glasses in a couple ways. First, the ice on the glasses is gold, no silver. And also second, the pencil has actually a tan wood tip rather of grey. It’s sort of tough to tell from this small picture, yet you get the idea.


Many Jammers describe these together “glitched” nerd glasses because when they very first came out, players believed there was glitch happening to the initial version. The is incorrect, this are simply a slightly various version that can be winner from adventures.

How to gain Rare Nerd Glasses

So currently that did you do it learned around the types of rare nerd glasses, the inquiry is exactly how do you gain them? fine I have actually a couple of ways to share.

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The only method to obtain the initial rare nerd glasses from pickled in salt is by trading with one more Jammer. I have actually some advice for how to use the trading device safely here. If you have a pair of rarely nerd glasses to trade or if friend are searching for some, go ahead and also comment below. Hopefully another Jammer will certainly reply and you deserve to work the end a trade!

Adventure Prizes

A means to gain the gold version of nerd glasses is by play adventures to win them. I know that you can win castle on the forgotten Desert Adventure and also probably some other adventures too. It’s not guaranteed the you’ll victory them appropriate away because the compensation is random, but this is a good option because that Jammers that don’t desire to profession to get them.

Rare Nerd Glasses Codes

The last method to gain the rarely nerd glasses would be to find a functioning code to obtain them. This is more than likely the hardest method because ns don’t know of any kind of codes that room out there. If you do take place to understand of a rarely nerd glasses codes, please share it and also I’ll add it to the list!


So that’s pretty much everything I have the right to think of around the rare nerd glasses. Execute you have some the you desire to trade? Comment below and see what others will offer. An excellent luck!