You can expect an median 500 gallon propane tank load to be about 2,876 pounds (1,305 kg) when full.

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 This includes both the load of the tank and the propane inside.

An empty 500 gallon propane tank weighs about 1,180 pounds (535 kg).

Liquid propane weighs 4.24 lbs/gallon (1.92 kg/gallon).

Your 500 gallon propane tank have the right to hold 400 gallons of propane inside, i beg your pardon weighs 1,696 pounds (769 kg).

This tank's holding limit of 400 gallons is because of the 80% full preeminence for propane tanks.

500 gallon propane tank BTU = 36,600,000 when full (80%).

These large tanks have been developed to occupational both above or below ground. The propane tanks feature treated steel to mitigate the potential for corrosion end time.

Propane tank 80% fill limit

The reason you have the right to only fill her 500 gallon propane tank to 400 gallon of propane is to leaving room because that temperature fluctuations. Propane, favor water, expands when warmth is added to it. However, propane will increase in volume over 17 times the amount the water does. To offer room because that this expansion, propane tanks are only filled to 80% that their full container capacity.

This way that a tank in the summer months can read 80% complete on a continual day, and also read over 85% full on a really hot day. Because that this range of temperatures based on weather, there is extra room left in the tank. This enables additional space and cushion in the tank because that the pressure develop up top top warmer days.

500 gallon propane tank transport and installation

The best way to transfer a 500 gallon propane tank comes under to 2 options. You deserve to either relocate it yourself DIY style, or hire a firm to carry out the installation.

Option #1 - DIY installation

For those picking up a used tank indigenous Craigslist or facebook marketplace because that example, you'll desire to relocate it yourself. To do this I'd recommend you an initial have accessibility to a car that can tow at least 3,000 pounds (1,361 kg). Be sure to examine your vehicle's towing capacity, and also gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) prior to moving the tank.

You'll also want to check that the tank is north (or close come it). This will make towing it lot easier and lighter.

The following YouTube video shows exactly how to transport a 500 gallon tank by yourself:

Option #2 - rental a company

If you lack the appropriate equipment or would certainly rather have a expert handle the project for you, girlfriend can pick to rental a firm for the installation. This will cost more, however you can rest assured the it's to be done the appropriate way. If girlfriend have obtained a supplied tank yourself, companies additionally offer their solutions to connect it to your property.

The installation procedure with a firm usually takes approximately 3 come 4 hours depending upon the terrain, and also whether it's placed above or below ground.

The complying with YouTube video shows installation a 500 gallon tank underground:

In either case it's also important to place your propane tank at the very least 10 feet away from any kind of buildings or home lines. This is a safety and security precaution in instance the tank malfunctions or has actually a leak.

You will likewise want to keep any type of smoking very far far from the tank together propane is a extremely flammable material.

Should my propane tank be above or listed below ground?

When installing a brand-new propane tank, you likewise have the choice to store your tank above ground or underground. It more or less comes down to an individual preference to even if it is it's tucked away or not.

Some see propane tanks as an eye sick for your yard, and also would rather have it hidden. V an secret tank just the sheathe is visible. Whereas with an above ground, whatever is exposed.

An secret installation will expense you about dual the price of an above ground install depending on the company. This rise in price is due to the added labor v excavation. Yet, that added cost and also work might be precious it for part people.

Propane tank dimensions and also components

The size of a 500 gallon propane tank measures:


Outside dimensions: 37" x 9'11".Empty weight: 1,180 (535 kg).

Hole size (for underground tanks):

46" deep x 5' broad x 12' long.6" to 8" the sand ~ above the bottom for 39" level.44" complete level if using concrete.

The standard components of a propane tank home system includes:


Tank valvePressure regulatorSafety relief valveTank gaugePipingSecondary press regulatorShut-off valveAppliance connectorGas lines

To Conclude

Certain risks are assumed v the installation of any type of size propane tank. For this reason business or home owners need to follow strict safety precautions.

You can additionally setup regime deliveries with your local propane agency to do it straightforward to keep your propane supply.

The addition of a 500 gallon propane tank will certainly provide terrific source of heater for one off-grid cabin, or countryside home.

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