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I"m (slowly) draining some honey through a colander into a 5 gallon bucket utilizing the "mash the wax" technique as ns only have actually 2 hives and also a tiny amount the surplus. I deserve to guess the gallons in the bucket, but roughly how plenty of 8oz or 16oz jars have the right to I fill with a gallon? That"s assuming I"m analysis the descriptions correctly and also the jars space "dry" weight as opposed to "liquid" weight...If I hold a 16oz (1 lb) love husband jar beside a pint canning jar, that looks prefer two love husband jars can fit in the pint. Does that sound about right?I need to order part jars because that family and neighbors and I desire to acquire the appropriate size and amount.Thanks,Larry
Honey weighs a little under 12 lbs per gallon.

It need to be simply under 12, depending upon how full you fill them.It"ll stupid ya tho. I put 4 5 gallon buckets (60lbs each) into my love husband bottling tank and fill by eye and hardly ever before do I gain 8 full instances of 5lb jars that honey. Usually one jug or component of a seasoned short.
2-8 oz jars in a pint2- pints in a quart = 32 oz4-quarts in a gallon = 128 oz for this reason 1 gallon (128 oz)= 16-8oz jarsor 10.66-1lb(12 oz) jarsor 8 pint jars or 4 quart jars.Now if you desire to failure pricing I operated a chart up to see what load went in certain species of jars.I offered a price the $5 a poundan 8oz jug holds less than a pound and sells for$3.33666(I round as much as $3.50)a pint mason jar hold 1.4 lb of love husband so I offer for around $7A quart ball jar stop 2.75 lb of love husband so it is $13.75 (I usally acquire $12)and of food 12 oz plastic to express jars hold 1lb and sell because that $5

Well,here us go again. That"s the trouble w/ going indigenous volume measure to load measure.Larry, you should have an idea now as to how many instances of jars you require so you understand you have more jars 보다 you carry out honey. Right? So, that"s what you must do. Purchase a bunch of situations of 8 oz. Jars and some cases of 1 lb jars and fill increase as numerous as you need or can. Climate you will know the answer come your genuine question. "How many 8 oz and also 1 lb jars execute I need for the volume the honey ns have?"
Thanks for every the replies.... I had guessed 10 lb per gallon, for this reason a genuine life variety of 8 or therefore is OK with me. The looks like I"ll have 2 gallons when I"m all done, 16 1lb jars will make nice stocking stuffers for family and friends. Time come order part jars and also labels!Larry
"approximately how plenty of 8oz or 16oz jars deserve to I fill through a gallon? "There room 12 pounds in a gallon,60lbs in a 5 gallon bucket.An 8 oz(fluid volume)jar holds.7lbs(by weight)of love husband so 12lbs split by .7=17.142857 therefore we deserve to assume that you will get around 17-8 oz jars that honey per pound and you will finish up v the .142857 jars on your pants/floor/fingers/and grounding to the inside of the bucket.A 16 oz(pint mason jar)will organize 1.4 lbs by weight of honey so friend will gain 8.5714285 jars per pound.I think almost anyone through a publicly education(like mine) should be able to figure it out from there.All you have to do is plugin your gallons and also do a few gozintas come come up with a number.
A 16 oz(pint mason jar)will hold 1.4 lbs by weight of honey so girlfriend will obtain 8.5714285 jars per pound.I think nearly anyone v a windy education(like mine) should be able to figure it the end from there.All you have to do is plug in your gallons and also do a couple of gozintas come come up with a number.
Larrythebeek,If you space talking gallons, pints and half pints, you room talking VOLUME not weight.Therefore: a gallon is 8 pints or 16 fifty percent pints.The weight of the to fill jar is irrelavent and will vary dependant on the moisture contents of the particular honey in each container.

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Man, you males are make this complicated.If friend order 1 lb honey jars girlfriend will require 12 per gallon that honeyIf you use pint canning jars (16 fluid oz jars) you will require 8 every gallon (each 16 oz jug by volume stop 1.5 lbs, or 24 oz of love husband by weight.)So to reiterate:(12) 1 lb honey jars per gallonor(8) pint jars every gallon
Fuzzy,by the means those were no the weights of filled jars but the weight of the honey itself.I to be breaking under my cost and profit ~ above the honey.The jar cost is another column altogether.
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