We all have heard the many (often silly) softball cheers and chants floating around the ballpark during games and tournaments. They are catchy, they are fun, and honestly you may have found yourself joining in whether your on the team or not. The cheers and chants are a mental weapon that can be used to bring a team together, give a player confidence, or get under the skin of the opposing team, so needless to say they can be used as a tool to help your team get the big W.

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Instead of searching all over for new softball cheers or chants, we at aramuseum.org have decided to save you the trouble and get the best cheers and chants you will ever need for your softball team all in one spot. Enjoy!

Our team is what? (Dynamite!)Our team is what? (Dynamite!)Our team is tick, tick, tick, tick, BAM Dynamite!Your team is what? (Dynamite!)Your team is what? (Dynamite!)Your team is tick, tick, tick, tick PSSSSHHH, Yeah right!

When you’re up, you’re upWhen you’re down, you’re downWhen you’re up against our teamYou’re upside down!

We don’t play with barbie dolls (x2)We just play with bats and balls (x2)We don’t wear no mini skirt (x2)We just wear pants and t‐shirts (x2)We don’t drink no lemonade (x2)We just drink our powerade (x2)So if I were you, I’d scoot your booty back (x3)But I’m not you so I’d stay where your at (x3)


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Ole Ole, Ole Ole,Hit that ball the other way,Our team is hot hot hot ,your team is not not not,So hit the ball ball ball, over the wall wall wall,Ole

I love you (echo)You stole two (echo)Golly gee (echo)Now steal three (echo)Just one more (echo)Then we’ll score (echo)Slide on it (echo)Then we’ll win (echo)

Show your spirit in the stands Show your spirit in the stands Sit down and take a rest Now you know that we’re the best

There was a little froggy sitting on a log, He was cheering for the other team and had no sense at all, The batter hit a foul ball and hit him on the head And when he got back up again this is what he said, He said go, go, go, go you mighty (Team name) Fight, fight, fight, fight ya mighty (Teams name) Win, win, win, win you mighty (Teams name) Go, fight, win and be the champions.

My name is ______ I’m feeling fine You mess with me I’ll blow your mind, I said a bang-bang, choo-choo train C’mon girl let’s do our thing We know karate We know kung-fu You mess with me I’ll mess with you

Everywhere we goPeople want to know,Who we are,So we tell them.We are the (team name),The mighty, mighty (team name)

That’s the way uh huh uh huh We like it uh huh uh huh That’s the way uh huh uh huh We like it

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There she goes just a walkin’ down the line,Singin’ do-waa-diddy-diddy-dum-diddy-do.Pointing her finger and laughin’ at you,Singin’ do-waa-diddy-diddy-dum-diddy-do.Ball two, ball three, ball four,C’mon pitcher walk some more.Do-waa-diddy-diddy-dum-diddy-do,Next batter up says “Walk Me Too”

Call the cops (echo) She stole a base (echo) And you let her have it (echo) Nananana boo boo

__________ is up to bat to give the ball a wack If I was you and you was me I’d scoot my booty back Scoot my booty, scoot-scoot my booty Scoot my booty back!

See that batter at that plateShe’s the best in all the stateShe’s got spirit, she’s got prideHa, Ha, Ha she’s on our side

The cookie monster said that the (team name)’s are the great big cookie at the top of the jarThe cookie monster said that the ( other team)’s are the itty bitty crumbs at the bottom of the jar

A little birdie in a tree (echo)Said something very true to me (echo)He said that our team was the best (echo)Better than all the rest (echo)Sound‐off! (1,2)Sound‐off! (3,4)Bring it all down now (1,2,3,4)One two, three four!

We stole on you, We stole on you While you were picking your nose We were up on our toes and we stole on you Yeah we stole on you While you were brushing your hair We were already there and we stole on you YEAH WE STOLE ON YOU!!

_____________ is a friend of mine (Rip Rip)She can hit it anytime (Rip Rip)Anytime and anywhere (Rip Rip)She can hit it outta here (Rip Rip)

Give us back our ball *Clap**Clap* We’re gonna hit it all Give us back our ball *Clap**Clap* We’re gonna hit it all

Good eye, Good eye Way to watch the ball go by Oh my (Leader) G‐O (Team) O‐D (Leader) E‐Y‐E (Team) Good‐Eye (All) G‐double O‐D‐E‐Y Good‐eye, Good‐eye

Hit it hard, hit it levelHit it hard, hit it levelThen run like the devil

She may be short (echo)She may be small (echo)But she can really WACK that ball 

(Team Name) is our name And softball is our game Watch us bat Watch us throw Our team can really go We’re the ones to beat We will never meet defeat We’re the cream of the crop Nothing will make us stop!

Down by the riverTook a little walkMet up with the other teamHad a little talkPushed ’em in the riverHung ’em out to dryWe can beat the other teamAny old time

E‐I‐E‐I‐E‐I‐OE‐I‐E‐I‐E‐I‐OCome on, (Team Name) let’s goCome on, (Team Name) let’s goScooby, Scooby, Scooby DooScooby, Scooby, Scooby DooWe’re gonna beat youWe’re gonna beat you 

Eenie, Meenie, Minie, MoeCatch a (Opponent’s Team) by the toeIf they holler don’t let goEenie, Meenie, Minie, Moe

(Team Name) is ready.(Team Name) is ready.(Team Name) is Wooo!(Team Name) is Wooo!(Team Name)’s gonna take control and stomp all over you, uh‐huh.(Team Name)’s gonna take control and stomp all over you, uh‐huh.(Pause)(Team Name)’s got the rhythm.(Team Name)’s got the rhythm.(Team Name)’s got the motion.(Team Name)’s got the motion.And when we get together,And when we get together,We cause a commotion.We cause a commotion.

2 cents, 4 cents,6 cents, a dollarAll for the (Team Name)Stand up and holler!(Repeat Louder)

A-B-C-D-E-F-GCheer us on to victoryH-I-J-K-L-M-NWe will hit the ball againO-P-Q-R-S-T-UWe will hit some homers tooW-X-Y and ZWe will make it look easy

Action, Action We want action A‐C‐T (clap, clap, clap) I‐O‐N (clap, clap, clap) Action (Team Name) action!

Roll call shaboogieCheck, check it outRoll call shaboogieCheck, check it outMy name is _________And I play (Position)And I’m a (Team Name)Check, check it out

Do we make you shiver?Do we make you shiver?Do we make you shake?Do we make you shake?We’ll keep on pushin’We’ll keep on pushin’To see what you can take.

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To see what you can take.

Hey pitcherHey pitcherTie your shoesTie your shoesCause (Batter’s Name) is gonna hit itCause (Batter’s Name) is gonna hit itRight over youRight over you

(Player’s Number) is her number(Player’s Name) is her nameYes she is the reasonWe’re gonna with this game!If you don’t believe usJust you try and beat usBut that is just impossibleCause we are so unstoppable!

L-E-T-S-G-OThat’s the way we spell “Let’s Go”Let’s GoGo, Go, GoLet’s GoGo Get ‘Em

She’s a homerun hitterAnd you’re never gonna get herSo give up!So give up!

I’m fired upYou fired up?Yeah!I’m fired upYou fired up?Yeah!I’m fired upYou fired upYeah!I can’t hear you!Yeah!

Our team is what?Red Hot!Our team is R-E-DWith a little bit of H-O-TOh babyR-E-D-H-O-TRedhot! Redhot! Redhot!

We are the big dogsThey are the little dogsBig dogs (WOOF WOOF)Little dogs (arf, arf)

(When waiting on umps/coaches/timeouts)A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y ZNow I know my ABC’sNext time would you HURRY UP PLEASE!

She may be smallShe may be tinyBut when she’s up to batShe’ll whip your hiney!