Was watching Rome on HBO and was wonder on how accurate his portrayal was. Did he obtain what the deserved in tge end.

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This isn't an historical question. "Good" and also "bad" aren't things an chronicler should consider. Whether he acquired what that deserved depends on every kinds of your own personal politics.

That being said, ns think Caesar is a distinct character - ns feel (and I typical to be fully subjective here) Caesar is someone you can't not take an opinion on.

I agree through Meier. Killing Caesar wasn't simply a sin; it to be a mistake (that's probably my favorite line created in all classical scholarship). Caesar to be the just chance for fixing the political mess the Senate had actually become. Assassinating that guaranteed part warlord would overcome the state.

But this is a spatu opinion, and again, the concern is not an historic question.

EDIT: i left the end the most necessary word in the post. Sorry, anyone who read this earlier.

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What renders you think the Caesar was any type of different from the warlords that came before or adhered to up? in ~ best, the Romans might hope for an ineffectual constitutional change like Sulla implimented and Caesar ultimately stepping under or a quasi-Monarch choose Augustus. In that sense, i guess the 'mistake' was that killing Caesar just delayed things for a bit and also resulted in many much more Roman deaths, however I am no sure exactly how Caesar would 'fix the political mess' in the long term without doing points very similar to his descendants.

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Hi there! :) together /u/LegalAction noted, this concern is complicated to answer due to its gift subjective. Ns did, however, prize an extremely similar question a small while earlier - and also I believe, because that a subjective question, that it's finest to market all political parties of the story as fairly as possible. Native there, you deserve to make your own contact :) So, without further ado, I'm gonna go ahead and copy/paste my previous answer from here.

The problem with this concern is the it is completely variant ~ above a spatu viewpoint. Judging even if it is or no a human as well known as Caesar to be "good" or "evil" is a truly difficult task, not only due to the fact that of the distinctions in morality between the ancient era and also the modern-day one, but additionally because of the various nuances that character the an individual has. Julius Caesar was indeed a good man who left his note on history. Even if it is or no "great" way "good" or "evil" is, again, up to individual interpretation.

Starting off the examination, I'll imply you go ahead and also read this excellent advent to Life of a Colossus. Honestly, i recommend you read the totality book, but for our purposes here, the introduction answers your question perfectly, and also far better than i can, myself. To know more about Caesar together a person, check out the entire publication - it's the finest biography I've found of the man, and also gives an excellent accounting v a neutral ideology on the person himself.

The long story quick is the Caesar was as amoral together anyone else has ever before been. The wasn't an excellent or evil; he was at the same time neither and both. He did good things because that Rome, because that the poor, and when the benefited him. He likewise was in charge of the hugely destructive Gallic War, i m sorry was incredibly popular through the roman people, who taken into consideration it a an excellent thing. The modern-day eye would think about it less so, through a (probably exaggerated) full of one million civilization killed and another million enslaved. Again, even if it is or not the Gallic battles made Caesar a "good person" or "bad person" is entirely subjective. Because that the Romans, he offered civil peace and a pretty good deal for the typical people, even if the aristocrats couldn't stand him. To our contemporary view, he made self an autocrat in all but name. While that wasn't emperor, that consolidated power and also kept people he didn't favor from obtaining anywhere; however his reforms were an excellent ones, and also some of lock lasted because that centuries, in spite of Caesar's extremely brief rule.

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He was ruthless in his very own way, but he likewise offered clemency once it suitable him. He offered friendship as soon as he saw it to it is in beneficial, however he likewise offered enmity as soon as that was an ext in his favour. Therefore the price to your question, ns suppose, would be "both and neither." He to be a person, and no human is black or white - we're every shades of grey.