When friend think of the many iconic wrestlers in the critical 25 years, man Cena’s name will certainly not miss out on from the list. That is, without a doubt, the many popular and also admired wrestler in the last decade. Several youngsters have grown increase idolizing him and also trying to emulate him because that one reason; he is simply a champion. Man Cena has actually won 17 championships in total, 10 being civilization Titles (8 WWE Championships and two world Heavyweight Championships.)

Being a popular figure globally, numerous questions have been asked around him, together people try to dig his past before his wrestling career. One concern that keeps popping up is even if it is he as soon as served in the military. Was man Cena in the military? Keep analysis to discover out more.

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Why is He linked With ever before Serving In The Military?

The maritime Movie

In late 2004, Cena make an intentional and fictitious disappearance out that WWE TV for one month. The genuine reason behind scripting his loss was that he to be starring in the WWE Studios movie “The Marine,” which was the very first WWE movie to star its rings talent.

After the movie to be officially released, the fans saw a changed person in john Cena. He began wrestling in eco-friendly camouflage shorts and wore dog tags.

Cena when admitted the the dog sign carry meaning to him however have never revealed your origin.

John Cena’s Salute

“It’s a salute for commitment to those that stand by me, that have been act it because that years.”

There you have actually it. He defined that that is just a sign of respect for both his fans and men in uniforms.

Cena has also formed a close connection with several equipped men and has appeared in the WWE’s annual Tribute come the Troops present on a pair of occasions.


Was he In The Military?

Having starred in The naval movie and makes a perfect salute, one would certainly think that john Cena was when in the military. But He has actually never offered in the military. Before he began his expert wrestling career2000, he worked as a driver and also had believed of coming to be a experienced bodybuilder.

Which branch would he join if he visited the military?

John Cena has shown his various versions in the past two decades, a wrestler, one actor, rapper, reality TV star, and also the list continues, however never an army.

However, he when talked about the branch he would serve if he saw the military.

When asked in an interview through Task objective whether he has ever taken into consideration joining the military, Cena said it when crossed his mind.

He fell into the people of sports and also entertainment “by accident.”

At 22, Cena claimed he gained to the allude where he wanted to do a career the end of his life. He thought around enlisting in the Marines.

His believed faded away throughout that weekend once a friend pertained to the gym and asked him even if it is he ever before thought of wrestling. He has never looked back again.

Where go he grow up

John Cena was born top top April 23, 1977, and also raised in Massachusetts. He later went come Springfield College, whereby he studied practice physiology.

After his graduation, Cena left Massachusetts because that California, wherein he began working together a bodybuilder.

At that point, he had $500 in his pocket and couldn’t purchased to rental an apartment. He started cleaning toilets and also folding towels at a gym to earn a living.

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Wrestling career

John Cena’s career did not flourish overnight. It started in 2000 native a conversation he had with a friend who encouraged him to try wrestling in the years since Cena has won numerous titles. He also became the very first wrestler ever before to loss Edward “Umaga” Fatu.