Although the show was called Two and also a half Men, plenty of ladies graced the screens. Throughout the twelve seasons of the show, we saw numerous notable faces, but who to be the persons that fell for the guys’ tricks?

Marin to be a constant feature together the demanding ex-wife the Alan. The exes mutual a bizarre partnership as castle tried to co-parent their child Jake, and were often butting heads around paying child support and alimony. Alan would certainly often speak to out Judith because that spending the money on cosmetic surgery and luxury goods, rather than on their son. Things obtained more complicated when Judith uncovered love through Jake’s doctor, but their marriage finished in divorce once she discovered that that was having actually an affair.

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Marin Hinkle as Judith Harper-Melnick | Then

When Two and a half Men came to a end, Hinkle controlled to relocate on to various other successful jobs in acting, and also took increase a part in the CBS series Madam Secretary. Moreover, her other roles have been in Speechless, and as Christine Lonas in a more serious function on Homeland. Hinkle likewise starred in a number of movies and recently wrapped filming on Before/During/After. Despite acting as the crazy ex-wife, Marin has had actually a long and happy marital relationship to Randall Sommer.

Marin Hinkle together Judith Harper-Melnick | Now

When Charlie collection his eye on a lady, naught would protect against him until he dominated his mission and that is exactly what happened when he met run teacher, Mia. Charlie forced Jake to dance so that he can get closer come the brunette, and agreed to abide by her conditions of providing up meat, smoking, and drinking so the she would go on a date with him. Charlie agreed, however continued to execute it all behind her back, resulting in Mia leaving him.

Emmanuelle Vaugier together Mia | Then

When Vaugier’s insignificant on Two and also a fifty percent Men was finished, she career was on the up and also she take it on functions on TV shows including Lost Girl, One Tree Hill, Rogue, and Mistresses. Her prominence landed her a point out on Maxim’s “Hot 100 list.” In addition, Emmanuelle ventured right into movies and also appeared in movies including Destruction Los Angeles and also Washed Away. Nowadays, the 41-year-old actress is working on a thriller titled Masks Don’t Lie, set in Venice, Italy.

Emmanuelle Vaugier as Mia | Now

One woman that was a constant feature in both Charlie and also Alan’s life was their mother, played by Holland Taylor. Their partnership was complex and Evelyn was only women top top the show who can tell she sons precisely what she assumed without them leaving her. Despite having a call for being a gold-digger and also dating enlarge men, purely to steal your assets, she was a huge hit v audiences. It was safe to say the Charlie and also Alan avoided her at every cost.

Holland Taylor together Evelyn Harper | Then

Holland Taylor is an extremely recognizable confront in Hollywood and has been a prominent actress because the 80s. For her function on Two and also a half Men she has been nominated 4 times due to the fact that 2003, for Best sustaining Actress for her duty on the TV series Two and a half Men. In addition, Taylor famously starred in the 2001 comedy Legally Blonde, alongside Reese Witherspoon. Today, Taylor is taking on the component of Ida silver- in the show Mr. Mercedes.

Holland Taylor together Evelyn Harper | Now

No one can forget Rose, who dropped madly in love through Charlie after they invested the night together, and she couldn’t let him go. Rose emerged an obsession with Charlie and wouldn’t take no for an answer, walk so far to stalk him at his house. However, points turned about from Rose and also Charlie agreed to marry her and also the 2 ran turn off to Paris together. Unfortunately, the was all too good to it is in true and also Charlie died before they bound the knot.

Melanie Lynskey as increased | Then

Lynskey’s early films included Sweet home AlabamaHeavenly Creatures, and Coyote Ugly. However, that wasn’t until later on in her career that rose was actors in leading roles and also she finished up starring in films including Hello I should Be Going, complied with by Happy Christmas, The Intervention, and I Don’t feel at home in This civilization Anymore. Melanie was formerly married to other actor Jimmi Simpson native 2007 until 2014, and is now engaged to Jason Ritter.

Melanie Lynskey as climbed | Now

Chelsea Melini was among the most significant women top top the show, particularly due come the truth that she to be the first woman Charlie confessed his love for. Despite Charlie putting his love on the line for the an initial time, Chelsea grew worn down of the playboy and also ended increase leaving him for Alan’s lawyer.

Jennifer Taylor as Chelsea Melini | Then

When Jennifer was very first written into Two and also a half Men, she wasn’t to plan to have actually stolen the love of the main character on the show, however her appearances came to be frequent when she did. After ~ her departure from the show, Taylor continued to act, taking on guest duties on collection including Shameless, NCIS and also Mom. In her personal life, Taylor discovered love through songwriter Paul Taylor and also the couple have two kids together.

Jennifer Taylor together Chelsea Melini | Now

After Alan met Beverly ~ above a date website, he determined to lie and also claim the the home belonged come him in an effort to admire her. Alan didn’t come clean until Beverly opened up up about her failed marriages, leading Alan to feeling guilty about lying to her. When he lastly admitted the truth, Beverly didn’t seem to care and they continued with your relationship. However, things finally ended when Charlie to walk in ~ above Alan gift tied increase by Beverly.

Allison Janney as Beverly | Then

Janney was a well known actress in Hollywood long before appearing as Alan’s love attention on Two and also a half Men. She likewise appeared in The West Wing, between the years of 1999-2006, before make the change to feature films. She has actually starred in award-winning films including Juno, Hairspray, and The Girl on the Train. Nowadays, the actress plays Anna Faris’ mother on CBS sitcom, Mom, of i m sorry she winner an Emmy compensation for.

Allison Janney as Beverly | Now

When Sherri came along, the was thought that Charlie had met his match. She was not someone that would loss for his tricks that appeared to work-related on every other woman Charlie had actually been with. At first, Sherri’s mindset of playing hard to get method very attractive, however Charlie grew tired of she being one action ahead that him. Eventually, the two dubbed it quits, however not before she tried she luck through Alan, which didn’t job-related either.

Jeri Ryan as Sherri | Then

Jeri Ryan is ideal known for her function as the Borg Seven that Nine on Star Trek: Voyager. In enhancement to the sci-fi shows, she had showed up on Major Crimes, human body of Proof, Helix, and Law & Order: distinct Victims Unit. Ryan was previously married to Republican political candidate Jack Ryan yet the 2 divorced as result of their conflict schedules. Nowadays, she is happily married to she French cook husband, Christophe Eme, and the pair have two youngsters together.

Jeri Ryan together Sherri | Now

Alan begins dating Larry’s sisters Gretchen Martin, however once again, that couldn’t phone call the truth around his life. The told her that Jake’s apartment was actually his and also that the does not live with Charlie. The lies started racking up and also it came to be to lot for Alan to save up with. Once Gretchen discovered out about the fallacies, she dumped Alan and also explained that she was married come a compulsive liar and didn’t desire to go v it again.

Kimberly Williams-Paisley together Gretchen martin | Then

Kimberly had been exhilaration from a young age and also one the her most notable duties was the opposite Steve young name in the well known romantic comedy Father the the Bride. In addition, the actress showed up on According come Jim for an superior eight years. Recently, it was revealed that Kimberly filmed a vacation movie titled The Christmas Train as fine as one more movie titled Darrow and also Darrow. Kimberly has actually been married to country singer Brad Paisley due to the fact that 2003.

Kimberly Williams-Paisley together Gretchen young name | Now

Linda was presented to Charlie after ~ Alan to plan a double date for them. Immediately, Charlie was really attracted to Linda but she can see appropriate through his personality and turned his advancements down, time and time again. However, things readjusted when Charlie to be charged with a DUI and also Linda was the judge the he went up against. Following this incident, she decided to give him another chance, however it didn’t walk on for as well long.

Ming-Na Wen as Linda Harris | Then

Interestingly, Ming-Na Wen to be not new to Hollywood, yet she wasn’t supplied to gift in front of a camera too much. This is because of the reality that she voiced the Disney character, Mulan, in both of the movies. She also voiced a personality in Sofia the First, and is due to reprise her function as Mulan in Ralph division the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2. In prior of the camera, she has starred in shows including Eureka and also SGU Stargate Universe.

Ming-Na Wen as Linda Harris | Now

It was no secret that Charlie love the ladies and also was found it challenging to turn any down that come his way. Together a result, as soon as Kandi’s mom turned up in ~ Charlie’s house looking for she daughter, Charlie did not rotate down the chance to have actually his means with her. Needless to say, Alan wasn’t thrilled as soon as his brother and also mother-in-law began spending time together, however it was typical. ~ all, Kandi and also her mom looked more like sisters 보다 mother and also daughter.

Gail O’Grady as Mandi | Then

Prior to appearing on Two and a half Men, Gail O’Grady appeared on television show American Dreams, and after play Kandi’s mother, Gail took on duties in Ms. Fields and Revenge. As it transforms out, her character in Two and a half Men was not far off from her personality in real life as the actress had been married six times, v her last finishing in 2008 from John Stamatakis. However, O’Grady hasn’t offered up top top love and she is currently dating chris Beyers.

Gail O’Grady as Mandi | Now

Alan hadn’t seen lot luck in his date life, so as soon as he met Paula in a nightclub, he assumed he had finally met his match. However, Paula reduce a bombshell ~ above Alan and also revealed the she provided to it is in a male named Paul, and also had a wife named Rachel. Paula later on admitted her desire to it is in in an open relationship leading Alan to date Rachel too. Needless to say, points didn’t end well and the females left Alan to go it alone.

Paula Marshall together Paula | Then

Two and a fifty percent Men was not Paula Marshall’s first rodeo in TV and she has additionally appeared in House, Law and Order, Murder in the First, Switched in ~ Birth, and The Mentalist. In addition to her work on TV, Marshall also appeared in the movie We Love You, Sally Carmichael! Paula is married to other actor Danny Nucci, who is most popular for showing up in the award-winning above James Cameron blockbuster, Titanic, playing Jack’s ideal friend Fabrizio.

Paula Marshall as Paula | Now

At Judith’s second marriage to Herb, Alan met the beautiful Shannon, however he later found out indigenous Charlie the she to be previously involved to Herb. Both Alan and Shannon to be hung up on your exes an test to do them jealousy by faking an intimate moment at the wedding. Shannon take it it one step further and screamed the end Alan’s surname for all of the guest to hear. Their arrangement didn’t work and neither won earlier their ex.

Tammy Lauren as Shannon | Then

Outside of her cameo on Two and a fifty percent Men, Lauren had actually a permanent function on long-running soap opera, The Young and the Restless, playing detective Maggie Sullivan. Tammy has actually not had actually as successful a career as several of the other women who showed up on the sitcom, and also her many recent occupational was ~ above an illustration of Criminal Minds in 2014. Exterior of acting, Lauren has actually been married to Israeli actor Guri Weinberg since 1997.

Tammy Lauren as Shannon | Now

Charlie’s residence never seemed to be totally free of drama, the mostly associated women. Once Charlie began dating Gabrielle, Alan uncovered that Charlie had actually stolen Alan’s high school girlfriend and instead of putting things in the past, he collection his sights on stealing Gabrielle indigenous Charlie. After ~ his setup of activity went swimmingly well, Alan backtracked and also decided it was uncomfortable, so damaged it off. When he returned home, he found Charlie in bed through the high institution girlfriend!

Justine Eyre together Gabrielle | Then

Justine Eyre’s profile to be not enhanced through she stint on Two and also a fifty percent Men, but she has appeared on other TV mirrors including Mad Men, The mystery Life the the American Teenager, and also CSI: Miami. However, Eyre has actually not showed up in anything because 2016, which makes many human being wonder what and also if she will certainly she proceed acting. It would certainly be surprising if she didn’t continue to be in the industry considering she is married to screenwriter john Allen Nelson.

Justine Eyre as Gabrielle | Now

Just because Charlie was killed off the show, the didn’t median that Alan, Walden, and Jake would protect against their flirtatious ways. When Alan and Walden want to adopt a child, they take it a liking to social worker, Ms. McMartin. As soon as the males were offered a child called Louis, McMartin found that they had lied around being eligible to take on but she forgave them and also proceeded to date Alan. However, she quickly changed her mind and also decided to relocate on come Walden instead.

Maggie Lawson as Ms. McMartin | Then

Maggie Lawson had a effective career in exhilaration both before and after appearing in the sitcom Two and a fifty percent Men. She showed up in shows including Psych, Angel from Hell, and also The good Outdoors. In addition, Maggie winner the role to play Juliet O’Hara in the film adaptation of Psych, which was released in December 2017. Maggie is married come actor Ben Koldyke, that is renowned for his duty in the NBC series, Mr. Robinson.

Maggie Lawson together Ms. McMartin | Now

Other than his mother, the other stable woman with no romantic link in Charlie’s life was of food the housekeeper, Berta. Return Charlie and also Berta often butt heads over Berta’s sharp-tongue and cynical attitude, she is the responsible and also caring mother number in the household. Berta was increasingly well-known with the fans and producers preserved her on when Walden took over from Charlie to be their irreversible maid. Berta appeared in every season the the show.

Conchata Ferrell together Berta | Then

After coming to be a main character and appearing in all 12 seasons, Berta will constantly be well-known for her hilarious function in Two and a half Men. In 2005 and also 2007, she was nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards for exceptional Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. Ferrell has also appeared top top Broadway in 2011 and in 2015, Conchata showed up in the movie Krampus. Most recently in 2017, she was rejoined with ex co-star, Ashton Kutcher, come star in TV series The Ranch. 

Conchata Ferrell as Berta | Now

Just because Charlie’s mommy was collection to get married Courtney’s father, the did not avoid him from dating the beautiful blonde. However, Alan experienced a different side that Courtney and also warned Charlie of her crazy behavior. Courtney managed to to convince Charlie come buy her a Ferrari and also give her $50,000, however Charlie did not walk away. Unsurprisingly, that all ended abruptly once Charlie found out that Courtney’s genuine name to be Sylvia and also her and also her fake father were con-artists.

Jenny McCarthy together Courtney Leopold | Then

McCarthy obtained her start long before showing up on Two and a half Men. She found fame as a Playboy bunny before acting as host on an MTV dating show. Following this, she was given her own self-titled show and found love through actor Jim Carey, yet the 2 were divorced in 2010. Because then, McCarthy married note Wahlberg’s brothers Donnie and also the two have actually their own reality show. Beside from being an actress and model, Jenny is an author, screenwriter and activist.

Jenny McCarthy together Courtney Leopold | Now

Judith’s facility relationship with Alan acquired even more twisted when her sisters Liz paid them a visit. Liz and also Charlie previously gained together at Alan and Judith’s wedding, however Charlie did no remember the incident. Liz, however, to be over Charlie and also instead chose to shot and acquire with Alan, a decision which hurt her sister. It later on came the end that Alan initially wanted Liz prior to he started dating Judith. However, as soon as the two finished up in a room together, nothing happened.

Teri Hatcher as Liz | Then

Terri Hatcher has had actually an exceptionally successful career in acting. She portrayed Lois lane on the collection Lois & Clark: The brand-new Adventures the Superman, Paris Carver in the James bond movie Tomorrow never ever Dies, and for her leading role in Desperate Housewives, she won a gold Globe, three SAG awards and also a Primetime Emmy nomination. Recently, Hatcher has appeared in The odd Couple and Supergirl. Hatcher hasn’t been also lucky in love having actually been married and also divorced twice. 

Teri Hatcher together Liz | Now

When Jake introduced his new girlfriend come his father, it confirmed that the apple doesn’t autumn far native the tree. His girlfriend, named Tammy, was the mommy of three children and covered in tattoos, together she owned her own parlor. Regardless of their period gap and also different lives, the catalyst for your break up was the reality that Jake had actually dated Tammy’s daughter, Ashley. In addition, Tammy had additionally got in addition to Walden, which complex things further.

Jaime Pressly as Tammy | Then

Jamie Pressly is a very famous actress in Hollywood and is ideal known for playing delight Turner ~ above NBC sitcom My surname Is Earl. She has won one Emmy award and also has been nominated for gold Globes, and also SAG awards. Pressly has also starred in a variety of movies including Poison Ivy: The brand-new Seduction, Joe Dirt, The Oogieloves, DOA: Dead or Alive, and I Love You, Man. Most recently, she has actually been starring on CBS sitcom, Mom.

Jaime Pressly as Tammy | Now

Soon ~ Ashton Kutcher joined Two and a half Men to take over Charlie’s role, we were presented to his ex-wife Bridget. Walden took the split really hard and also Alan found him as soon as he to be going to take his very own life due to the fact that of it. Apparently, Bridget found Walden as well immature to remain married to yet when Walden began dating Zoey, everything changed. Bridget came running back to Walden come get back together.

Judy Greer together Bridget Schmidt | Then

Judy Greer is rather of a triple threat and is not just a talented actress. She has appeared in films including What women Want, The Wedding Planner, 13 walk on 30, 27 Dresses and Love & various other Drugs. In addition, she take it a position behind the cameras and was the spreading director because that the Entourage movie. She came to be a constant feature in Two and a half Men, playing Walden’s ex-wife and in 2014, she exit her first book, I Don’t know What You recognize Me From: Confessions the a Co-Star. 

Judy Greer as Bridget Schmidt | Now

The mrs who readjusted Walden’s attitude around getting earlier with his ex-wife to be Zoey. The British beauty, beauty stole Walden’s heart and he became infatuated with her quite quickly. However, whatever came crashing down two years later when she decreased his marriage proposal. It was later discovered that Zoey had been dating one more man throughout her time through Walden. As an action of revenge, Walden purchase Zoey’s daughter a vicious dog for her birthday.

Sophie Winkleman together Zoey Hyde-Tottingham-Pierce | Then

Sophie Winkleman is perhaps among the highest possible class actors members together she married English imperial Lord Frederick Windsor, that is a cousin that Queen Elizabeth. In spite of being a component of the British royal family, she ongoing to go after a career in acting and also is right now filming a new TV show titled Thrust, which is set for relax in 2018. She has additionally appeared in CSI: Miami in 2011 and also Milo Murphy’s legislation in 2016.

Sophie Winkleman as Zoey Hyde-Tottingham-Pierce | Now

Baird take it on the part of Wanda top top one illustration on Two and a half Men, but she made fairly the impression through her stunning looks. Baird acquired her begin in showbiz together a design for remarkable brand Guess and went top top to occupational with the likes of Playboy, i m sorry unsurprisingly earned her much more attention. In her career top top screen, Baird has likewise starred in romantic comedy Wedding Crashers which starred Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn.

Diora Baird together Wanda | Then

Since her brief stint on Two and A fifty percent Men, Baird has actually starred in a pair of funny videos v website Funny Or Die and in 2014, she played a big role in film Beautiful Girl as an adult film actress. In addition, she had a recurring role in Cocked on Amazon alongside Brian Dennehy, Jason Lee, Dreama Walker, and Sam Trammell. Outside of acting, Baird opened up around dating woman comedian Mav Viola.

Diora Baird together Wanda | Now

Things went from negative to worse because that Charlie as soon as he turned up at his mother’s house for a dinner through her boyfriend and also his daughter, Olivia. As it transforms out, Olivia and Charlie had actually previously dated and also it didn’t end well because that them. The dinner got exceptionally uncomfortable and drinks began going flying. As if things might not have actually got much more awkward, Evelyn to be on the receiving finish of gift dumped, together her boyfriend left she for a younger woman.

Krista Allen as Olivia Pearson | Then

Krista Allen had a successful career which started back in the 90s. She began out v a duty on lengthy running soap opera Days of our Lives which has been running for an outstanding 53 seasons. Moreover, she has also taken on components in the original Baywatch, as well together the feature film The Final destination and Anger Management. Allen was recently cast in the movie Best Mom as well together the comedy Eleven Eleven.

Krista Allen together Olivia Pearson | Now

There has been a recurring template in Two and also a fifty percent Men and many of the women dated both Charlie and Alan. This to be no various for Alan’s secretary, Melissa, who started to day Charlie before switching to Alan. However, Alan when again lied about his lifestyle and his connection with Melissa to be still walking on when he to be living with Lyndsey. Th partnership became complicated when Melissa inquiry Alan for a raise and health insurance, leading him to finish everything via text.

Kelly Stables together Melissa | Then

Following her appearance top top Two and a fifty percent Men, Kelly Stables continued to be in acting and lent her voice to animated show, W.I.T.C.H, in the character of will Vandom, as well as appearing in Superstore and Malibu Dan the family members Man. In addition, Kelly has showed up in movies such as Horrible Bosses 2 and had actually a voice role in Cloudy v a opportunity of Meatballs 2. In 2016, Stables was actors in The CW’s No Tomorrow as a recurring actors member.

Kelly Stables together Melissa | Now

Charlie hasn’t constantly had the finest of taste as soon as it concerns picking women, and also going for Laura was a poor idea. She to be Alan’s lawyer during his divorce indigenous Judith yet things turned sour once Charlie promised her that he would certainly be over there for her whenever she wanted, something the was broken really quickly. Laura determined to look for revenge and also she took it the end on Alan when she ruined the divorce settlement between him and Judith, causing him finding a new lawyer.

Heather Locklear as Laura | Then

Heather Locklear was was among the most famed actresses in the 80s and 90s, most frequently known because that her duties on Melrose Place and Spin City. Outside of her effective career, heath has managed to be a continuous feature in the tabloids due to her health and wellness issues and her an extremely public and bitter divorce. Nowadays, Heather has actually taken on roles in Franklin & Bash as well as Too Close come Home and also Fresh off The Boat.

Heather Locklear together Laura | Now

Donna and also Alan seemed to really hit it off on their double date. The pair continued to day until Alan made decision he to be bored and also wanted to finish everything. He checked out Charlie for advice on just how to cut things off, as his brothers was significantly used come this. After following Charlie’s instructions and letting her under easily, Alan was able to breathe a sigh the relief, however the very same couldn’t be stated for Linda. She didn’t take it it well to speak the least.

Kimberly Quinn together Donna | Then

Quinn is most generally known for her duty as Gretchen on the FX television series Terriers, as fine as her function as tress Masterson top top the ABC Family series Twisted. In addition, Quinn has actually made cameos in a variety of notable collection including Suddenly Susan, Nash Bridges, Diagnosis: Murder, NYPD Blue, Without a Trace, House M.D., and CSI: NY. Quinn is married to producer Theodore Melfi and the pair worked together on the movie St. Vincent.

Kimberly Quinn as Donna | Now

Lisa was one of the couple of women who Charlie called his girlfriend and actually resided in his home. Once things ended up being serious, Charlie the commitment-phobe panicked and broke up v Lisa. However, Lisa later got married to someone else however promised to speak to Charlie if she acquired divorced–talk about cursing the marriage prior to it began! Unsurprisingly, Lisa obtained divorced and also went earlier to Charlie that tried hard, however not enough to take care of her and her child. Their relationship finished once again.

Denise Richards together Lisa | Then

Lisa was played by none other than Charlie Sheen’s wife Denise Richards, for this reason the chemistry between them was real. They were married in between 2002 until 2006 and had two daughters together, yet once castle split, whatever got an extremely messy. At one point, lock agreed to be polite for the services of your family, yet things spiraled when Charlie fought his addiction demons. After nasty accusations, lawsuits go flying, but things calmed ~ a pair years. Richards is also a effective actress in her own right.

Denise Richards together Lisa | Now

Charlie controlled to charm many women into the bedroom, however one person who wasn’t fooled by his tricks was Cindy. Someone who delighted in having she in the residence however, to be Jake, who decided to use some of her best assets come recreate for an art project. In an unlikely twist, Judith meets Cindy and also the two create a solid bond over your troubled relationships through their fathers. Alan was suspiciously of this and also began thinking that the 2 were in reality dating.

Kristin Dattilo together Cindy | Then

Kristin obtained her begin in exhilaration after playing Yola Gaylen on The kris Isaak Show from 2001 till 2004. Aside from this, she has likewise taken increase appearances in TV reflects including CSI, Dexter, Beverly Hills, 90210, Friends, Grounded because that Life, and Veronica Mars. Dattilo can also be known through her appearance in the music video of Aerosmith’s 1989 record “Janie’s acquired a Gun”. She has been married come screenwriter Jason Keller because 2005, the pair have two children together.

Kristin Dattilo as Cindy | Now

Lyndsey play a large part in season 7 on the show, play Alan’s love interest. Throughout the season, they to be on-again, off-again and most people forgot how plenty of times they damaged up and also got ago together. Their partnership was established after Jake befriended Lyndsey’s son, and it for sure to say the Alan was thrilled once he met the mother. Unfortunately, Lyndsey’s drinking play a big part in their break up and also she relocated on to Walden, which became problematic.

Courtney Thorne-Smith as Lyndsey McElroy | Then

Courtney Thorne-Smith played Alan’s girlfriend Lyndsey McElroy on the effective sitcom for five years, however prior come this, she take it on a duty in allied McBeal between 1997-2002. Because then she has actually slowed down her acting tasks to emphasis on her son and also husband. After taking a quick break, Smith returned to appear in ABC’s brand-new comedy series, Fresh turn off The Boat while likewise taking top top animates collection roles and also lending she voice to Robot Chicken.

Courtney Thorne-Smith as Lyndsey McElroy | Now

It came as a shock once she finished up marrying Alan in Vegas and moved in v him. Unfortunately, that all come crashing down when Kandi landed a component in the show Stiffs, forcing her to leaving Alan.

April Bowlby together Kandi | Then

After leaving Two and also a half Men, April Bowlby ongoing to make a name for it s her in acting, yet this time, she shunned the red head and also went blonde. April went on to appear in hit reflects including The large Bang Theory, exactly how I Met her Mother, and also Drop Dead Diva. In addition to TV, April transitioned over to the large screen and is at this time filming the movie Love Me or else alongside Cindy Busby and Jon Prescott.

April Bowlby as Kandi | Now

When Charlie began dating Miss Pasternak, it settled in everyones favor as she started giving Jake great grades. Points went from negative to worse because that the teacher when she later on revealed she was banned from teaching and also was dancing because that a living now.

Missi Pyle as miss Pasternak | Then

Pyle has had a very successful exhilaration career and has appeared on countless TV shows consisting of Mad about You, Friends, Heroes, Two and a fifty percent Men, Frasier, My surname Is Earl, 2 broke Girls, Jennifer Falls, and Mom. In addition to acting, Pyle has a passion for music and also is one fifty percent of country-rock tape Smith & Pyle. The actress has been married and also divorced twice and also is not looking to go for a 3rd time.

Missi Pyle as miss out on Pasternak | Now

Charlie comes up v a plan and introduces Alan to danielle in an effort to obtain him to discover his very own house. Charlie was well conscious of Danielle’s past and thought Alan to be the male she must settle for. However, after ~ the two finished up having actually a love to heart, Charlie determined that danielle was far better off with him and also the brothers ended up fighting end her. In a turn of events, Alan and Charlie stuck together and kicked daniel out.

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Brooke Shields as danielle Stewart | Then

Brooke Shields had been acting lengthy before Two and also a fifty percent Men after beginning out as a child star, taking on modeling and also commercials. Shields is currently well right into her 50’s and also has starred in TV mirrors including Law & Order: Criminal Intent, The Middle, and Hannah Montana just to surname a few. In 2017, Shields reprised her recurring function in Law and Order: special Victims Unit starting in Season 19. She is married to chris Henchy and the pair have 2 children.

Brooke Shields as daniel Stewart | Now

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