Today the 1937 nickel value starts at $.50 cent each. The price is because that a heavily worn coin, in what is known as \"Good\" condition.


However, the 1937 nickel is famous due to the fact that of an interesting and also rare range where the buffalo has actually only three legs. Find below a description and also close up check out to help identify this valuable coin.

Two more important elements readjust how much your buffalo nickel is worth. First mintmarks, they suggest the mint that created the coin and also are valued separately.

Secondly, consider the problem of your coins. The \"Uncirculated\" 1937 nickel pictured is highly prized by rare coin dealers and also collectors because of condition. Vast swings in value follow the far better condition coins.

An exciting year with countless variables, such together date, mintmarks and the elusive 3 Legged selection contributing come 1937 nickel value.


The graph separates worths according Condition and the Mints that created the coin.

A listing of \"1937-D\" is a coin produced in Denver, they provided a \"D\" as a mark.

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An \"S\" is the mintmark provided by the mountain Francisco mint. These 2 mints put their mintmark ~ above the reverse listed below the buffalo. The third mint come strike Buffalo nickels, Philadelphia, walk not use a mintmark.

1937 Nickel ValueCondition the CoinDateGoodFineExtremelyFineUncirculated
1937 Nickel value Updated2021
1937$0.51 $1.05 $2.44 $19
1937 D$0.51 $1.03 $2.82 $20
1937 D 3 Leg$232 $270 $428 $1,107
1937 S$0.51 $1.27 $3.41 $18

Finding the 1937-D 3 Legged Buffalo Nickel

Notice the best front leg of the buffalo is missing!

A very distinctive mint do error as soon as you have seen it, the 3 Legged Buffalo range is popular with collectors and also considered crucial to finish a collection. These space two an effective forces steering the worth of the 1937-D 3 foot Buffalo nickel.

The 3 Legged variety is uncovered on nickels minted at the Denver mint. Locate the \"D\" mintmark, identify the mint, below the buffalo under the \"Five Cents.\"

Excessive die polishing is thought as the reason too much metal was removed leading to the buffalo\"s leg to vanish. Prior to the mint realized the error a few thousand had been released right into circulation.

Back in the day numerous of this now an useful nickels circulated freely, the result is 3 legged buffalo nickels are uncovered today showing all degrees of wear. They have the right to turn increase in any type of box that old coins.


In the later on years that the buffalo nickel series greater numbers of coins to be saved, both indigenous circulation and new from the banks. With numerous to pick from and also many in much better condition, collectors donate the high grade buffalos. That takes a an extremely nice coin come break far from gift worth a dollar.

Condition identify 1937 Nickel Value


Uncirculated: A 1937 buffalo nickel in this problem stands out together a premium coin. It never ever circulated, thus its surfaces present no indicators of wear. Handle coins in Uncirculated condition by their edges to maintain their surfaces. Turn the coin under a light, research the cheek that the Indian and also upper earlier of the buffalo for indicators of wear, appearing as dullness top top the high spots.


Extremely Fine: This coin shows proof of use however was built up from circulation prior to to lot wear take it place. A pretty looking coin with abundant detail, back the hair braid is reduced and also shows part loss that detail, and also on the turning back the little details follow me the buffalo\"s back have started to wear.

Fine: Additional stay has lessened the major details and eliminated the finer clues of design. Obvious loss that sharpness and also an in its entirety smoothness is apparent on the whole surface that the coin.

Good: The date is readable, however parts that the numbers are frequently merged. The rim is no much longer separated from the top of the letters. The roundness of the architecture to the buffalo has become flat on the hip, stomach, shoulder and head. This coin is at the low side of 1937 nickel value.

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Buffalo Nickel Value

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