Country of originAustraliaFinal episode date4 might 2009NetworkNine NetworkNo. Of episodes13First illustration date9 February 2009Theme songIt"s a Jungle out ThereNumber the episodes13Underbelly: A story of two Cities, the second series that the nine Network crime drama series Underbelly, initially aired indigenous 9 February 2009 come 4 may 2009. It is a thirteen-part collection loosely based upon real occasions that stemmed from the marijuana trade centred top top the new South Wales town of Griffith. The timeline of the collection is the years in between 1976 and 1987. Underbelly: A story of two Cities generally depicts the Mr. Asia medicine syndicate and also its affect on crime in Australia. Among the personalities presented are real-life criminals Robert Trimbole, terry Clark, George Freeman, Christopher Dale Flannery and the Kane Brothers. The mini-series is a prequel come the 2008 production Underbelly, i beg your pardon was around the Melbourne gangland killings and forms part of the Underbelly series.

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The collection premiered ~ above the nine Network on 9 February in ~ 8.30pm, with the double episode premiere attracting an average of 2,501,500 viewers nationally, in the mainland capitals. The show has repetitively rated highly, gift the many watched display on Australian television for every episodes broadcast so far. In new Zealand, the series began broadcast on 4 March whereby it has actually been advertised together Underbelly: The mr Asia Story. This surname stems indigenous the typical misidentification that protagonist terry Clark together "Mr Asia" within brand-new Zealand. "Mr Asia" was in fact the name assigned to Marty Johnstone by Auckland reporter beat Booth in his series of investigative newspaper write-ups into the grandfather Asia drug syndicate. Johnstone to be both Clark"s company partner and victim. Underbelly: A tale of two Cities is the second in the series of 5 to date. That was adhered to by a 3rd series, Underbelly: The gold Mile.




The collection is a extensively fictional account that the Australian criminal underworld, loosely based upon events in new South Wales and Victoria in between 1976 and 1987. The story revolves around the hold crime teams that stemmed native the Griffith-based marijuana trade, led by "Aussie Bob" Trimbole (Roy Billing) and also "Kiwi Terry" Clark (Matthew Newton).

New Zealand drug trafficker Clark arrives in Sydney v plans to establish a heroin racket. That meets v marijuana-grower Trimbole yet is at an initial rebuffed and also bashed by crime number George Freeman (Peter O"Brien). Quickly however, that convinces Trimbole the is genuine and the two develop a partnership. The tasks of regional politician Donald Mackay (Andrew McFarlane) placed their plans in jeopardy and also when attempts come extort and blackmail the fail, Clark tells Trimbole to have him killed. Trimbole visits Melbourne come organise the hit. Detective Liz Cruickshank (Asher Keddie) is tipped off about the killing plot but her boss Joe Messina (Peter Phelps) discredits the informant, Les Kane (Martin Dingle Wall), as unreliable. As soon as Mackay is murdered by James Frederick Bazley (Scott Burgess), the initiatives of detective Warwick Mobbs (Matt Passmore) to investigate room stymied by high-level police corruption the leads come him being posted to rural NSW.


Clark has soon developed the mr Asia syndicate in Sydney. Allison Dine (Anna Hutchison) arrives in Australia v her boyfriend yet soon becomes Clark"s lover and significant accomplice together she devises a new method of passing the drugs through Customs. Meanwhile, Trimbole help Melbourne armed robber beam "Chuck" Bennett (Nathan Page) organise a major heist in defiance of regional stand-over guys Les and Brian Kane (Tim McCunn), who need a reduced of any loot. After ~ Bennett cut reckless bully kris Flannery (Dustin Clare) indigenous his team, Flannery educates the Kanes, emotional off a turf war. As soon as two that Bennett"s crew steal several of Trimbole"s money indigenous the Kanes, the violence escalates until Les Kane is machine-gunned to death in front of his family. Bennett was standing trial because that the murder but is acquitted; while gift led into court on one more matter, a disguised Brian Kane killing him.

Clark, his middleman in Singapore Andy Maher (Damon Gameau), and also fellow Kiwi couriers Doug and also Isabelle Wilson (Gareth Reeves and Simone Kessell) take trip to Queensland. After throw a wild party in a hotel room, Clark is arrested on a total charge and also extradited back to brand-new Zealand. Doug Wilson crack under police questioning and also reveals the ar where Pommy Lewis (Sam Anderson) was buried, after ~ his killing by terry Clark. Clark"s lawyer Karen Soich (Katie Wall) i do not care his brand-new lover after the is acquitted. Trimbole, having obtained a ice of Doug"s interview v Queensland Police, convinces Clark to have actually the Wilsons killed off.

Clark goes come England to increase his business. Bazley completes the Wilson hit yet the bodies space found virtually immediately, finally causing the Victorian and Federal police to type a join taskforce led through David monk (Jonny Pasvolsky), and also including Mobbs, Cruickshank, Messina and also a Sydney CIB detective Trevor Hakens (Dieter Brummer) with web links to Dennis Kelly"s (Paul Tassone) bend NSW cops. Kelly"s corruption detectives attempt to take regulate of the medicine trade, while working to cheat the federal government police through closing down George Freeman"s casinos. Allison concerns her duty in the syndicate after being threatened by corruption narcotics agent Jack blacksmith (Samuel Johnson), who ultimately plants medicine on her in order to arrest her. Freeman begins to aggressively push into other methods of crime, and is ultimately shot in the head by an intruder outside his home, which that survives.

Now in exile in Britain, Clark becomes paranoid upon finding out of Allison"s arrest, and also after a meeting with Trimbole, convinces the to have actually Allison murdered. Reluctantly, Trimbole hires chris Flannery, yet when smith arrests she on a trumped-up possession charge, he calls off the hit. Once Clark himself likewise changes his mind and orders the hit called off, Trimbole helps Allison flee to America. Meanwhile, Freeman recovers native his wound when his friend, stand-over male Lenny McPherson (John McNeill), killing his would-be killer. Back in Britain, Clark and also Maher fulfill with "Mr. Asia" aka Marty Johnstone (Merrick Watts), your supplier in Singapore. After Johnnstone offers assorted excuses about the poor quality of recent heroin shipments, Clark decides the he have the right to no longer be trusted, and also instructs Andy Maher to execute him.

Days later, british police find Johnstone"s body and also arrest Clark. Allison Dine is apprehended by the FBI and also returned come Australia to rotate star witness versus her previous lover. Trimbole to learn of a massive shipment of Lebanese three from his friend Dr Nick Paltos (Wadih Dona) and makes plans to import it. In the meantime, legit secretary and also mob lawyer Brian Alexander (Damian de Montemas) comes under extreme police scrutiny as the weakest attach in the syndicate. Allison implicates the entire syndicate and also provides proof linking Trimbole come the Mr. Asia syndicate. The prime minister announces a imperial Commission and also disbands the commonwealth Narcotics Bureau; the move eventually results in Jack blacksmith and nearly 150 equally corrupt narcotics agents being demoted to customizeds agent-status. But due come Trevor Haken alerting his friends in the NSW Police the the brewing bust, Trimbole is able to flee overseas and also Alexander is murdered through DS Dennis Kelly and also his fellow dirty cops. Messina conveniently discovers Haken has been leaking intel, even as the taskforce manages come tie the murders of the Wilsons to that of Mackay v a deal Messina renders with candid Tizzone (Tony Poli), an combine of Trimbole.

Allison testifies versus Clark in England, that is convicted because that murder and also sentenced come twenty years. Currently on the operation in Ireland, Trimbole becomes an eight dealer because that the IRA while likewise working v Paltos to money the import of cannabis right into Australia. Chris Flannery move to Sydney and also approaches Freeman because that work, slaying a number of high-profile medicine dealers in bespeak to make a name for himself. Yet his uncontrollable temper and also psychotic ego do him a target the the NSW Police and also Freeman. Freeman ultimately arranges because that Flannery to it is in executed, after ~ manipulating Flannery into eliminating the miscellaneous mobsters who have actually taken end the drug profession in Trimbole"s absence.

Clark sick a heart assault in prison and dies. With the network tightening top top him, Trimbole, dying of prostate cancer, is arrested in Ireland top top a trumped-up gun trafficking charge. Prior to the Australian police can bring evidence versus him, however, he is released and also flees come Spain. Meanwhile, Paltos completes the medicine shipment, however Mobbs arrests the immediately; Haken is prevented native narcing top top Paltos via his friends in the NSW police and is confronted. However, Haken refuses to turn against his other corrupt cops and, without any kind of hard evidence, is quickly ejected from the share Police Group. Paltos also refuses come co-operate, but Trimbole accidentally gives away his location to the task pressure in a bugged phone call conversation. Priest rushes come arrest Trimbole, however arrives as well late together Trimbole die right before he enters his room

The series" epilogue says that Freeman and McPherson proceed their illegal enterprise for another decade or so, Laurie Prendergast (Teo Gebert) goes missing after Flannery"s fatality (with it implied the Freeman had him murdered) and the corruption NSW police continued their illicit operations. The final scene has actually Kelly and Haken, their luggage packed full of heroin and cocaine, walking through custom-mades as the corrupt Jack Smith waves his drug moving friends through security. As the camera lingers top top Trevor"s face, the narrator (Caroline Craig) talks around how the NSW police would eventually fall due to one guy (Haken), but says this would be "a entirety other story".

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Similar come the an initial season, five main actors members are billed in the opening credit sequence, Roy Billing (as Robert Trimbole), Anna Hutchison (as Allison Dine), Matthew Newton (as terry Clark), Asher Keddie (as Detective senior Constable Liz Cruickshank) and Peter Phelps (as Detective Inspector Joe Messina). Other significant cast members space billed in the illustration in i beg your pardon they feature heavily. Andrew McFarlane functions in the opened episodes together Liberal politician and anti-drugs campaigner Donald Mackay. Peter O"Brien portrays the late Sydney underworld figure George Freeman. Kate Ritchie appears twice as Judi Kane, mam of slain standover male Les Kane and stepmother the Trisha Kane that was married come Jason Moran. Merrick Watts appears in an episode as Marty Johnstone, Clark"s main supplier. Caroline Craig is the narrator, reprising her duty from the first series. Other significant actors to show up in the series include Samuel Johnston as a corrupt federal Narcotics Agent, John timber as corruption NSW chief magistrate Murray Farquhar and also Diane Craig together Don Mackay"s wife.