In i m sorry Lorelai wants to memory Halloween, and also Rory transforms 21 and has “the talk” v Emily and Richard’s Reverend.

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Here’s What Happened:

Richard is over there to drop turn off Lorelai’s dollhouse and also to talk about Rory. She hasn’t gone ago to Yale yet, so he wants come come up v a arrangement to obtain her ago on track.

LORELAI: But… We…I had a plan. You adjusted the plan. Plan’s gone, baby.RICHARD: i don’t evaluate your tone.LORELAI: reportedly the suitable tone walk out through the plan.

Richard leaves, frustrated, and also lets Lorelai number out just how to gain the dollhouse inside on she own.



Meanwhile, Rory’s date of birth is walk a little… differently… this year.

MADELEINE ALBRIGHT: and also it’s so tough to believe that, at specifically this time countless moons ago, i was lie in specifically the exact same position.RORY: Oh, boy, below we go.MADELEINE ALBRIGHT: only I had actually a fat stomach and huge ankles and I to be swearing prefer a sailor…RORY: …on leave.MADELEINE ALBRIGHT: top top leave, right. And also there ns was…RORY: …in labour…MADELEINE ALBRIGHT: …and when there’s part who speak to it the most systematic experience of their life…RORY: …you compare it come something much more akin come doing the splits top top a crate the dynamite.MADELEINE ALBRIGHT: Right.RORY: i wonder if the Waltons ever before did this.

**le gasp**

LOGAN: What?RORY: ns just had actually a dream that Madeleine Albright to be my mother.LOGAN: Hmm.

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Emily wants to throw Rory a birthday party, and also quickly double-checks with Logan come make sure he doesn’t have any plans come “whisk her off to Santorini.” Logan assures she there room no whisking to plan – and also come to find out, it’s due to the fact that he didn’t also know it was Rory’s birthday. As soon as he asks Rory why she didn’t phone call him, Rory confesses the she isn’t looking front to turning 21. She and her mom had actually all these plans to make it spectacular, and well… none of the is going come happen, now.

Inspired by Morey and also Babette’s intricate Halloween display, Lorelai decides she wants to execute an epic skit that includes electrocuting and then dismembering Luke.

LUKE: Okay, great. Critical question. Uh, what are the odds that you getting me to execute a skit wherein you electrocute me, reduced me open, and also pull link sausages out of me? ‘Cause I’m reasoning they’re best up there with Pia Zadora make a huge comeback.LORELAI: Oh, come on. This will certainly be fun.LUKE: No way, no happening.

Sookie is much more enthusiastic about Lorelai’s Halloween endeavor, and also helps her select the many realistic, entrail-looking sausage for the skit. While they’re debating their options, Lorelai obtain an invitation to Rory’s 21st birthday Party. She’s sure the invitation come from Emily and also Richard, no from Rory, and dismisses it… however her Halloween heart is currently gone.

It’s dinnertime in ~ the Gilmore house, and also they have actually a one-of-a-kind guest- Reverend Boatwright! Richard and also Emily have actually been concerned that Rory could be considering having the sex, for this reason they desire to, ya know, awkwardly leaving her alone with the Reverend therefore he can talk come her.

Rev.BOATWRIGHT: Oh, yes. You know, Rory, being a young lady comes with plenty of gifts. Your virtue, because that example, is a gift, a priceless gift. Perhaps the many precious gift friend possess.RORY: Uh-huh.Rev.BOATWRIGHT: You want to provide this gift really carefully. It is a gift friend can give to just one man. As soon as you provide it, it’s gone. Girlfriend can’t re-gift it. If you offer it far too soon to the dorn man, then as soon as the best one walk come along, you have no gift to give. You’ll have to buy that a sweater. Perform you know what I’m saying?RORY: No.Rev.BOATWRIGHT: Think long and also hard about when and also to whom you want to give the can be fried gift you have to provide away.RORY: Oh.Rev.BOATWRIGHT: Yes.RORY: Oh, dear.Rev.BOATWRIGHT: Oh, dear, indeed.RORY: Um…well, listen, Reverend. I really appreciate you taking the time out of what i assume is a busy day come come here and talk to me about…all of this, but, um, I’m fear the ultimate-gift ship has sailed.Rev.BOATWRIGHT: What?RORY: A while ago. It’s most likely in Fiji by now.Rev.BOATWRIGHT: Oh.RORY: Yeah.



The following morning as soon as Rory comes earlier from community service, she’s met with a surprise. The entire Pool home is complete of stuff. She can’t also get the door open. As soon as she goes within to ask around it, Emily tells she its rentals for the party, and also that she’s moved every one of Rory’s stuff right into the maximum floor bedroom – right beside theirs! Fun!

A really frustrated Rory calls Luke’s diner to uncover out whether or not Lorelai is coming to her birthday party, because she never ever RSVP’d.

LORELAI: ns didn’t know I to be invited.RORY: I sent out her an invitation! whereby the hell go she think it come from?! The invite fairy!?LUKE: She stated she sent out you an invitation.LORELAI: i didn’t recognize it was from her. (a little bit louder and closer to the phone, Luke stop the phone up because that her) i didn’t recognize it was from you!RORY: Well, the was. Is she coming or not?LUKE: space you comes or not?LORELAI: Yes, I-I’m coming. I want a coco box.LUKE: She’ll it is in there.RORY: Fine. Bye. LORELAI: Rory called.LUKE: i know. She called and also yelled in ~ me.LORELAI: No, she called and yelled at me.


Emily’s party is a wrecking success, complete with signature “Rory” drink. However, Emily is irritable at Richard’s lack of enthusiasm because that the party. He and also Lorelai agree that nothing around the case is right, however Emily refuses to think they’ve failed and also walks off in a huff. After returning to the party, Lorelai finds Rory. The 2 exchange awkward hellos, each clearly wanting to say an ext than castle do. Prior to they gain a chance, Rory is whisked away to blow out the candle on she cake.

What a catchy tune:“Everything i’ve Got” – blossom Dearie

That Gilmore Girls present sure is a pop society playground:RORY: i just had a dream the Madeleine Albright to be my mother.

SOOKIE: ns can’t think Rory’s turning 21. It seems like just yesterday she to be crying since you told she Charlotte Bronte couldn’t come to her sleepover because she’s dead.

LUKE: God, that’s terrible. It’s like drinking a “My little Pony”.

Why I want Sookie because that my an individual chef:She has an practically uncomfortable level of expertise when it involves sausage. 

The witticisms the Lorelai Gilmore, ladies and gentlemen:LORELAI: ns have made decision to carry out something totally different, and also I’m gonna need your help.LUKE: Sure.LORELAI: Okay. I desire to do a skit.LUKE: Skit?LORELAI: Yes, I desire to be a mad scientist. I’m gonna come out in a blood-stained white rap coat and also freaky makeup and big, giant, Don King kind of hairdo, and I’m walking to turn the whole front yard into my laboratory.LUKE: Wow.LORELAI: Yes, I’m gonna have actually a huge electric chair and an operating table and test tubes and also wires.LUKE: sound elaborate.LORELAI: yet you haven’t heard the half of it, okay? and so ns come out and also I execute mad scientist “banter”, like, “Hey, who here is native Bellevue?” and also “‘Girl Interrupted’? now that’s mine idea that a feel-good movie”. I’ll work on it. Yet anyway, after ~ that, I’m gonna traction you out.LUKE: What?LORELAI: You’re strapped in an electrical chair, and also I’m gonna litter the switch and also totally electrocute you. And you’re flailing around. We’ll rig something where smoke and also sparks shoot the end of her nose. And also then as soon as you’re dead, I’ll litter you ~ above the operation table and also I’ll cut you open, and also I pull link sausages the end of you and also throw them right into the crowd.LUKE: That’s it?LORELAI: Well, ns mean, we have the right to take a bow or something, but, yeah, that’s it.

Paris is Burning:RORY: Hey, I’m glad you guys came.PARIS: We had actually to stop and eat an initial in instance the food right here sucked.

Emily Gilmore, Emily Post:EMILY: Oh, Rory, good. Execute you think we should have a carving station in instance some world find episode unappealing, or will the happen hors d’oeuvres it is in enough?RORY: one of two people way.EMILY: “Either way” is not an opinion Rory, simply for future reference. (at Claire) Let’s have actually a carving station. Simply beef, no turkey.RORY: What occurred to the pool house?EMILY: What execute you mean?RORY: It’s full of stuff.EMILY: Oh, yes, the rentals. I had actually absolutely nowhere to placed them. They stated it could rain tonight, and also we couldn’t leaving them outside, for this reason I just put castle in the swimming pool house.RORY: yet I live in the swimming pool house. What to be I supposed to do?EMILY: Oh, i packed up her things and put lock in your old room upstairs.

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RORY: Upstairs?EMILY: Uh-huh. The room right next to ours. We have the right to knock secret-code messages to each various other at night, favor we’re in camp. (notices miscellaneous in the various other room and also yells in ~ someone) No, ns didn’t tell friend to put that there. You’re fired.