i am thoroughly exhausted of playing Ultimate Vault Hunter mode (UVHM). I recognize this is claimed to it is in the most daunting mode of all. However, play it feels prefer a chore and without anyone come play through I"m forced to it is adapted to the just survivable playstyle. This is no fun.

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I would like to pat TVHM, yet my character keeps leveling (currently 53). Is it possible to in which method disable or uninstall simply the UVHM upgrade fill DLC, reverting mine level lid to 50? Also, would certainly that alleviate my character"s level back to 50 and also if not, deserve to I carry out it in an additional way?

The game was purchased on vapor and i wish to save it the way. I currently disabled the DLC v Steam, but my character can still be played in UVHM and its level is unchanged.



friend can conveniently disable the details "Borderlands 2: ultimate Vault Hunters update Pack" DLCs indigenous the DLC tab the the game's residential property page, but I don't recognize what effect this would have your currently existing character. It's feasible that girlfriend won't be able to play with it.
At the BL2 menu, simply select new Game to start over through a new character.

Or if you desire to store playing your initial character in order to finish any type of missions friend missed, execute a Save-Quit to get earlier to the key menu, then press a button (Y ~ above the Xbox 360) to bring up a perform of personalities you have played, even if it"s simply the current character. Once you choose the existing character native the list, your next option is to play the starting level or True Vault Hunter.


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