Does your SD card reader fail to occupational when friend insert an SD map to it? Why go this happen? exactly how to settle this issue? In this post, MiniTool mirrors you 4 remedies to SD card reader not working.

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SD card Reader no Working windows 10

Windows 10 is quite fantastic Windows operating system and many home windows users have chosen to update their system to windows 10. However, lots of users reported your SD card leader not functioning on windows 10.

Hey, my laptop came with Windows 8, however I bought an SSD and also downloaded home windows 10 for it. It has a built-in SD card reader yet my SD card won’t display up.tom’sHARDWARE forum

“Why is mine SD map reader no working” may be the most involved question for these new Windows 10 users. The culprits behind this concern are various, however the most possible factors space a bad connection between SD card and SD card reader, absent SD card driver, and also SD map infected through virus.

For most computer issues, girlfriend can try restarting your computer system to watch if the worry has been resolved successfully. So, once running right into SD card reader not working on home windows 10, girlfriend can try restarting your computer system first.

Before restarting your computer, disconnect the external card leader if you room using the to read your SD card and then reconnect that after restarting. Check out if her SD map reader can work well. If not, girlfriend can try the complying with solutions.

Solutions come SD map Reader no Working home windows 10

After learning around the feasible factors that lead to SD map reader stopped working on laptop, girlfriend can shot the adhering to solutions one through one once the built-in SD card reader or the outside SD card reader is not working.

Check the hardware issues.Run home windows Hardware and Devices troubleshooter.Assign a brand-new drive letter come SD card.Update SD card reader driver.Clean increase virus or malware ~ above SD card.

Fix 1: check the Hardware Issues

When SD map reader quit working on home windows 10, friend should examine the following hardware, including the SD card, SD map reader, the USB cable, etc.

examine the SD map reader

You have to make sure that the offered SD card reader is compatible with your current operating system (Windows 10). Older readers might be unable to work with the more recent operating system.

Apart indigenous the incompatibility between the enlarge reader and also the existing operating system, the incompatibility between memory card format and also the older leader can likewise lead to SD card reader no working.

Some older memory card leader is can not to acknowledge the SDHC and also SDXC memory card format. Is your SD map reader too old? If yes, you might need come buy a new one and make certain it is compatible through the SDHC or SDXC format or your present operating system (Windows 10).

Check the USB cable

Excluding the above factors, friend should inspect whether the USB cable leader to SD card leader not functioning if you are using the outside SD map reader. To perform that, you simply need to shot to change the current USB cable with a different one.

check the SD card

Check even if it is the gold finger (transmitting signals) top top the SD card transforms black. If yes, it means that the yellow finger has actually been oxidized and you need to use one eraser come erase the oxide layer.


Then, check if the SD map gets corrupted. If girlfriend unplugged SD card while the card was gift read, leading to a lose of electric power come the card, the card may be corrupted. To repair the corrupted, you have the right to read the short article Fix Corrupted SD map with experienced SD map Repair Tools.

examine the USB port

SD card not functioning can likewise be ascribable come the USB harbor if you are using the external SD map reader. As we know, the external SD card reader demands power v the USB connection when the connects to her computer. However, as soon as the USB harbor on your computer doesn’t bring enough electrical current to strength the reader, the last will no work.

Therefore, shot a different USB harbor on your computer to view if the SD card reader not working concern could be fixed.

After excluding every the above hardware issues, you can shot the complying with fixes if your SD card reader still does not work.

Fix 2: Run windows Hardware gadgets Troubleshooter

Maybe part potential machine issues result in SD card reader not functioning on windows 10. If that is in case, please run the integrated Windows tool – Hardware and also Devices troubleshooter. This device will easily figure the end the machine issues.

How to operation this tool? monitor the steps below.

Step 1: Insert the SD card right into the map reader. Connect the leader to the windows 10 computer system if it is an exterior SD card reader.

Step 2: hit the Windows icon and also then click the Settings icon from the menu.

Step 3: ~ above the Settings window, click Update & Security.

Step 4: select Troubleshoot from the left pane that the brand-new window and then find and also click Hardware and Devices from the right pane and also click the Run the troubleshooter button.


When the device finishes the work, please check out if SD card reader not working has actually been solved.

Fix 3: change Drive Letter come SD Card

SD card reader no working can be ascribed to the driver letter confit. For example, the SD card has a drive letter that is D, when the CD/DVD on the computer additionally uses the exact same letter.

If the journey letter dispute is the reason for this issue, you have the right to try changing a journey letter come the SD card.

To end up this fix, friend can try the Windows integrated tools (Disk Management and Diskaprt) and also a third-party routine (MiniTool Partition Wizard).

Here ns would choose to display you exactly how to adjust drive letter to SD card through MiniTool Partition Wizard. Except this function, this program have the right to also help you reclaim partition on SD card, layout 256GB micro SD card to FAT32, and also erase one SD card with ease.

If you desire to use Disk administration or Diskpart to complete this changing, you deserve to click here.

Free Download

Step 1: Download the cost-free program by clicking the over downloadable button and also then download it and also launch that to get its key interface.

Step 2: The SD card will certainly be shown on decaying Map. To mark the SD card and then pick the Change drive Letter function from the left pane. Or right-click the card and also select Change Letter.


Step 3: pick a drive letter that has not been offered by various other drives indigenous the list. Then, click OK to confirm.


Step 4: Click the Apply button to execute the changes. The will simply take a couple of seconds.


After an altering the journey letter come the SD card, check whether the SD card reader still stops working to work.

Fix 4: update SD Card leader Driver

The fourth reason for “SD map reader quit working on windows 10” is the the an equipment driver is outdated, absent or incompatible.

To check whether the maker driver is the culprit behind this issue, you deserve to open Device Manager by keying Device Manager in the Cortana’s find bar and also selecting the best-matched result.

On the Device Manager window, expand the two places: Disk Drives or Universal Serial Bus controls to check out if there is a yellow triangle mark.


If you see a yellow triangle top top SD card, it method that your SD map driver go wrong and also you should replace it v a good one. If not, it way your SD card driver is normal and you can shot the adhering to fix to remove SD map reader not working.

To update the problematic machine driver, you deserve to right-click the target maker driver and then choose Uninstall device and also the Uninstall button. After ~ that, right-click decaying drives and also then click Scan for hardware changes come refresh the an equipment driver.

Once the an equipment driver has been updated, you can check whether your computer system can detect the SD card reader.

Fix 5: Clean increase Virus or Malware ~ above SD Card

If you have tried all the over fixes and also you quiet cannot check out your SD card on your computer system when you put it into the SD card reader, it is feasible that her SD card has been surprise or encrypted top top your computer by virus or malware.

Why has actually your SD map been attacked by virus or malware? The feasible reasons include:

You have linked your SD card to a virus-infected system.You have transferred virus-infected records to the storage card.You have explored malicious website while utilizing the SD card.

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When your SD card gets struck by virus or malware, you may run into the following situations (including SD map reader not working).

Files conserved in SD map turn into the covert state.The SD map performance becomes sluggish.Files miss from the SD card.You will check out error code once accessing the SD card.…