"The Cask of Amontillado" has actually an incredibly sinister and creepy tone around it.  What"s odd for me despite is just how that tone is delivered.  Montresor is the narrator that the story, and also he is a chillingly effective narrator, since his narration is extremely matter that fact.  He simply doesn"t spout off and have emotionally outbursts.    

Right indigenous the start of the story, the reader is alerted to the as whole ominous tone, since Montresor tells his readers that he looks for revenge.  

THE thousands injuries that Fortunato I had actually borne as I finest could; but when he ventured upon insult, ns vowed revenge.

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Revenge is not an emotionless word.  Had Montresor called his readers the he search judgment, ns could think that the would challenge his "friend" in respectable, adult-like manner.  Or I would even consider that Montresor could use the law.  But the is not what revenge connotes.  Revenge speak readers the Montresor has actually a dark and evil arrangement to punishment Fortunato.  And not just punish, yet he will be punished with impunity.

I have to not only punish, but punish with impunity.

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Every time I check out that line, I photo in mine head part Marvel Comics uber rogue finishing his plan and giving a maniacal laugh.  

The ominous and also creepy tone proceeds throughout Montresor"s narration.  He speak his readers the he to adjust his plans right into motion at dusk.  Not sunset.  Not evening.  Dusk.  Who says that?  Dusk is as soon as the zombies climb the end of graves and also people make encounters the devil.  Dusk is an eerie word.  

Then Poe yes, really ups the creepy factor by this paragraph:

I took from your sconces 2 flambeaux, and giving one come Fortunato, bowed him through several suites that rooms come the archway the led right into the vaults. I passed down a long and winding staircase, requesting him to be careful as that followed. We come at length to the foot that the descent, and also stood with each other on the damp ground that the catacombs that the Montresors.

It"s a an excellent thing because that Montresor the Fortunato is drunk, due to the fact that he clear doesn"t choose up top top the ominous situation.  He"s gift led down right into a vault, i beg your pardon is where things space hidden and also locked away.  It"s also not just any kind of staircase come a basement.  It"s a long and winding staircase.  Then Poe offers the native "catacombs."  That"s where dead world are.  Why on planet is the wine under there?  Especially due to the fact that Montresor declared that he had actually it and wanted Fortunato to shot some.  If it to be anybody else, the alcohol would have actually been lugged up to the key level previously in the evening. 

Then Poe autumn words favor "crypt" and "mason."  Crypt is creepy for the same reason catacomb is creepy.  Dead human being are there.  As because that Montresor being a mason, I"ve read enough history and conspiracy theories to recognize that every kinds of questionable deeds have been done by the masons.  It"s in ~ this allude in the story once the reader"s intuition starts screaming in ~ Fortunato to get out of there quickly.  But of food he doesn"t, and Montresor casually buries the alive.  It hasn"t bothered the in fifty year either.