Huggy Lowdown with Special Guest chris Paul will certainly be below January 13 in ~ 5pm situated at Zanies Comedy Club.

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Huggy Lowdown: Huggy is the number one segment top top the Tom Joyner morning present heard in end 115 markets throughout the country. Huggy hits every morning at 830EST 7:30CT providing the entertain news and gossip because that the critical 3 to an ext 8 million Tom Joyner listeners.

Before Joyner Huggy invested 8 years on the Donnie Simpson display on WPGC in D.C., whereby he to be voted D.C.’s favourite radio personality. Huggy is additionally a great stand increase comedian who is just one of the top headliner comedians in the nation on the comedy club circuit . He’s on his own tour right now in all of the Tom Joyner markets headlining at all the height comedy clubs throughout the country. Freshly Huggy moved on come TV v the cable network TV One providing the comedy satire because that TV One’s live coverage that the autonomous Convention and Presidential inauguration.

Huggy is now working ~ above his own syndication night drive piece for Syndication One as well as a TV pilot in the speak Soup sort of layout for cable.

Chris Paul: kris Paul is a standup comedian and also regular contributor to the Tom Joyner Morning Show. He has actually been featured top top Comedy main and BET. He’s also co-headlined a display at the Kennedy facility with Dave Chappelle back in 2006.

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