Putney High School is just one of the UK's leading schools, v a reputation for giving the challenge of a affluent and broad education because that bright girls age 4 – 18.

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The finest schools room fun, supportive and inspirational settings for young enquiring minds. Putney High college is every one of that and more...

We think that childhood is a time come explore. Our pupils take a passionate interest in the world approximately them in ~ a nurturing, happy and stimulating environment.
Putney High School has actually been skilled in educating girls for over 125 years, which way we can draw on a riches of suffer in exactly how girls learn best.
Our Sixth form has to be designed to develop an environment closer to university level study, encouraging girls to push their learning and look to the future.

Our students gain discovering brand-new interests and also making friends because that life, nurtured and encouraged within a neighborhood where kindness, inclusivity and also innovation flourish.

Putney pupils room spirited, vibrant and also learn to think because that themselves, yet they also know just how to have actually fun, and most importantly, come really gain their time in ~ school.


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There’s always a lot going on in ~ Putney. Native inspirational talks and musical performances, to careers fairs, drama productions and also prizegiving.

Here are those important dates for your diary.

To education a person in the mind however not in morals is to education a menace to society- Teddy Roosevelt


Achieving scholastic excellence for all students is in ~ the very core of any kind of school’s purpose, and will notify much the what castle do. The amount of time and possibly planning that goes right into schemes the work, shipment of class or supplication of extension tasks is always a sight to behold and also a happiness to be a component of in ~ Putney.

Yet, as the quote from Roosevelt over suggests, such scholastic excellence is not created in a vacuum. The emphasis in any kind of school, and particularly one with students together ambitious together those in ~ Putney, need to be on giving students with a moral frame upon which lock might construct their intellectual values.

Character education is not a brand-new thing, expanding as it does earlier to the work-related of Aristotle. However it might be suggested that the quest of success in colleges in an ext recent years has sought to put the cart before the horse. In steering students to think that success specifically in terms of exam grades and university places, push is developed that can regularly be respond to intuitive to college student well- gift and academic progress.

Schools have to do much more to provide students with the tools necessary to reflect top top what sort of person they desire to it is in and, an ext importantly, exactly how they deserve to go about fulfilling together ambition. In ~ Putney this is firmly installed not only in our PSHE programme, yet as a structure of our teaching practice. Offering time for students come consider locations such together what it method to work with virtue, what moral frameworks they desire to check out constructed, or the prestige of humility, is integral come our teaching.

As part of our job-related in this regard, Putney recently hosted our very own TEDx conference. Students listened to a range of outstanding speakers over a broad spectrum of topics; native diversity in politics to the prestige of job-related life balance. One together talk put the concern of personality at the very centre of the conversation, sparking an exciting debate and also conversation v the presenter, Lorraine Abbott.

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It is critical that we acquire the atmosphere in a institution right. If we develop confident students who look past the classroom and also really think about the positive aspects of character they would like to develop,the stage will be well collection for their academic success.