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tl:dr: Press and hold the “set” button until you see the secs count blinking at the top right that the face, then push the “mode” button to switch to hours and then minutes, push the “start/stop” button to advance either. You’re welcome.

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Some time ago, my mam bought a Timex 1440 sporting activities watch from an Amazon reseller to wear while play tennis. No a poor idea, except she happened to purchase a maker with one of the more irritatingly cryptic user experiences around.

I only discovered this recently, when she pointed out that it to be off by a few minutes and she had not been able to figure out how to adjust it. Psychic you, my wife has an electrical-engineering degree and also works in IT, so I currently figured the solution was non-obvious. I simply didn’t know exactly how non-obvious it might be–and the internet was not its usual advantageous self.

This timepiece attributes four buttons–“set,” “mode,” “start/stop,” “indiglo”–labeled in vanishingly small kind at the an extremely edge the the face. If I’d just monkeyed through them, I might have discovered the answer sooner. Instead, i searched online for what I thought was the watch’s name and also found whole third-party site with a domain corresponding that moniker the purported to explain this watch’s workings–a sure authorize that a product’s UX sucks. However its indict did no pan out.

One factor why: The “WR50M” that appears prominently top top the face below “TIMEX” is no the surname of the watch, yet a referral to it gift water-resistant under to 50 meters. It’s apparently a “1440” watch, or “143-T5G891” if you desire to the exact version number.

Timex’s very own site showed a different watch when I tried to find “1440,” while a query for the model number surrendered nothing. (I mean I can’t preeminence out this being somebody else’s knock-off product?) A article at lived up to that site’s call for unreliability by offering an incorrect answer. After more fruitless searching online, I uncovered the exactly instructions in the 2nd post ~ above a thread on a website where civilization trade web links for user manuals–a sure sign that the UX of the merchants responsible sucks.

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Here’s how: Press and hold the “set” switch at the optimal left for about three seconds–as in, two seconds after that beeps because that some various other reason–until the tiny seconds count on the peak right the the confront starts come blink, then press the “mode” switch at the bottom left so the the hour and then the minutes presented on the bulk of the confront blink, then press the “start/stop” switch at the height right to breakthrough either digit. When you’re done, press “mode” until you return to a non-blinking time.

You’re welcome. Timex, where’s my check for documenting the operations of your product?