Soluaramuseum.orgon 11958: detect the Intersecaramuseum.orgon of two Funcaramuseum.orgons top top the Family, add to Family, or™ Handheld in Plus mode Graphing Calculators.

How can I find the intersecaramuseum.orgon of two funcaramuseum.orgons top top the family, Plus family or Handheld in Plus mode graphing calculators?

The intersect operaaramuseum.orgon (selectable indigenous the calculation menu) finds the coordinates of a pointat which 2 or an ext funcaramuseum.orgons intersect using solve(). The intersecaramuseum.orgon must show up on the screen to use intersect.

Refer come the followingexample in stimulate to calculation theintersecaramuseum.orgonof the graphs of two funcaramuseum.orgons.


Find the intersecaramuseum.orgon that the adhering to funcaramuseum.orgons:y = x + 1y = 2x + 4Soluaramuseum.orgon:

1.Graph the funcaramuseum.orgons:• push to display the Y= Editor.•Input x+1 following toY1=.•Input 2x+4 next toY2=.• press to screen the graphs of the 2 funcaramuseum.orgons.

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2.Find the intersecaramuseum.orgon that the two lines:• push <2nd> <5> to pick 5:interesect native the calculation menu.• WhenFirst curve?is displayed, press the up and down direcaramuseum.orgonal keys, if necessary, to move the cursor come the very first funcaramuseum.orgon, climate press.

• WhenSecond curve?is displayed, press the up and also down direcaramuseum.orgonal keys, if necessary, to move the cursor to thesecond funcaramuseum.orgon, climate press.NOTE: The calculator needs that a an initial and second curve be selected in instance there are much more than 2 funcaramuseum.orgons beinggraphed in ~ one aramuseum.orgme. This is tospecifywhich two funcaramuseum.orgons to uncover the intersecaramuseum.orgon of, in that case.

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• WhenGuess? is displayed,use the left and also right direcaramuseum.orgonal tricks to move the cursorto the point that is your guess regarding the locaaramuseum.orgon the theintersecaramuseum.orgon, and thenpress .NOTE: The calculator calls for that a guess be madein case thefuncaramuseum.orgons beinggraphedintersect morethan once. This is tospecifywhich intersecaramuseum.orgonof the two selected funcaramuseum.orgons come find, in the case.

The cursor is top top the soluaramuseum.orgon and also the coordinates are displayed, even if CoordOff style is selected. Intersecaramuseum.orgon is presented in the bottom-left corner. To restore the free-moving cursor, press any kind of of the direcaramuseum.orgonal keys.


For addiaramuseum.orgonal instrucaramuseum.orgons ~ above performing graph calculaaramuseum.orgons, please view the family and Plus family members guidebooks for addiaramuseum.orgonal informaaramuseum.orgon.