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Kent J. Moore

Fam Pract Manag. 2003 Sep;10(8):25-26.

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Patients often existing for a precautionary exam and additionally ask for evaluation and management of details problems (e.g., heartburn, chest pain). Is it ideal to send both a preventive medication services code with a diagnosis code for a general medical exam and an proper office visit code v a diagnosis code for the particular problem?

Yes. In the notes preceding the Preventive medication Services codes, CPT claims that “if an abnormality/ies is encountered or a pre-existing problem is addressed in the process of performing this preventive medication service, and if the problem/abnormality is far-ranging enough come require additional work to execute the an essential components of a problem-oriented E/M service, climate the proper office/outpatient password 99201–99215 should also be reported. Modifier ‘-25’ must be included to the office/outpatient password to show that a significant, separately identifiable service was noted by the same physician on the same day as the preventive medication service. The proper preventive medicine company is furthermore reported.” While some third-party payers will acknowledge this coding convention, others will not recognize a fee for a preventive medication visit and also an office visit top top the same day. Check with your significant payers for certain billing instructions.

Medicare recognizes this coding convention yet does not cover substantial preventive examinations. For this reason, the Medicare patient’s financial obligation for the noncovered preventive service should be diminished by the physician’s existing established charge for the office visit when both services are reported, since Medicare considers the solutions to be two components of the whole encounter fairly than two separate services. Medicare additionally considers screening pelvic exams (G0101, “Cervical or quality cancer screening; pelvic and also clinical chest examination”) and screening digital rectal exams (G0102, “Prostate cancer screening; digital rectal examination”) come be possibly covered portions of the encounter, for this reason the patient’s invoice for the noncovered preventive organization should likewise be decreased by the physician’s charges because that these screening exams.

In the CPT manual, what is the difference between “starred” steps (indicated v an asterisk following the code) and “nonstarred” procedures?

The main distinction between starred and nonstarred procedures is the the normal CPT operation package applies only to nonstarred procedures. Starred measures involve variable, unknown pre- and postoperative solutions that make it challenging to use the conventional CPT operation package. Accordingly, any kind of pre- and postoperative services connected with starred procedures might be independently reported. Unfortunately, Medicare and also some various other payers perform not acknowledge this distinction. Note that the starred procedure designation is being removed from CPT in 2004.

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Can i mix and also match bullet points from the basic multisystem and solitary organ system examinations in the 1997 Documentation Guidelines because that Evaluation and also Management solutions ?

No. You have to not pick and choose from among the facets of different types of exams to accomplish the content and also documentation demands of any type of one exam type. The bullet points provided under a provided exam in the 1997 documentation guidelines use only to the exam, unless also listed under an additional exam (e.g., “general illustration of patient” shows up under both the general multisystem examination and the cardiovascular examination).

Is it proper to submit 99211 once a patient comes right into the office because that a blood-pressure check and also lab draw?

CPT password 99211 is the proper code to use for a blood-pressure check, follow to the examples detailed for 99211 in postposition C of the CPT manual. Note, however, that when submitting 99211 because that a blood-pressure check, it’s essential to ensure that the inspect is accordingly ordered and also medically necessary; otherwise, payers such as Medicare might deny it together a screening company or recognize that it is no “reasonable and also necessary.” because that lab draws, over there are specific codes various other than 99211 that you have the right to submit (e.g., 36415, “Collection of venous blood by venipuncture” or, because that Medicare patients, G0001, “Routine venipuncture for repertoire of specimen(s)”).When a laboratory draw and a blood-pressure check are performed and also documented top top the exact same day, you may submit the suitable lab-draw code and 99211 v modifier -25 attached to show that there was a significant, independently identifiable E/M company performed ~ above the same day as the laboratory draw.