2 : characteristic that or resembling surgical procedure or a surgeon specifically in control or incisiveness operation precision

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operation ˈsər-​ji-​k(ə-​)lē
Recent examples on the web In December, agents of the U.S. Department of Homeland defense received details that Nanticoke Memorial Hospital in Seaford, Delaware, derived 35,000 N95 surgical masks indigenous Q2 services for $164,500, according to court filings. — man Caniglia, cleveland, 20 Oct. 2021 Nonmedical children masks that look favor surgical masks space widely available, but some specialists say those don’t fit snugly enough versus a children cheeks. — Betsy Morris, WSJ, 15 Sep. 2021 fabric masks are much less protective 보다 surgical masks, yet exactly just how much less remains uncertain. — Yasmin Tayag, The Atlantic, 4 Oct. 2021 even loose-fitting cloth and also surgical masks block about half of the well aerosols comprise virus, according to the study of civilization infected through variants, published this month in the newspaper Clinical transmittable Diseases. — BostonGlobe.com, 1 Oct. 2021 Flores to trust surgical masks room the many convenient and cleanest alternative if they are discarded after every use. — Tanya Lewis, Scientific American, 30 Sep. 2021 if surgical masks filtered more than 90% the the particles, previous research proved the masks allow about half of the waiting leak approximately the mask, making lock only about as reliable as the synthetic and cotton options. — Julia Musto, Fox News, 30 Sep. 2021 In the unified States, that generally way surgical masks, respirators or towel face coverings that cover the nose and mouth and have a snug fit about the side of the face. — Hannah Sampson, Anchorage daily News, 29 Sep. 2021 received 28,020 little pediatric masks, 56,000 tiny surgical masks, 3,760 regular-sized KN95 masks and 18,230 adult-sized KN95 masks on Aug. 20. — Becky Jacobs, The Salt Lake Tribune, 29 Sep. 2021 These example sentences space selected instantly from various online news resources to reflect current consumption of words "surgical." see expressed in the examples do not stand for the opinion of aramuseum.org or the editors.

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