On tonight’s Secret Life that the American Teenager, preparations proceed for Adrian and Ben’s coming nuptials (which will play out in a two-hour episode may 30) — and their imminent baby. But viaramuseum.orgers space in for a major tearjerker with June 6’s episode.

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Creator/executive producer Brenda Hampton tells aramuseum.org solely that once Adrian (Francia Raisa) goes to the hospital to have actually her baby with naramuseum.org husband Ben (Kenny Baumann), the show’s second pregnant teenager will experience the excruciating teen of shedding her son at full-term, and the couple will be left to face the emotional aftershocks the the loss, as well as their hasty pre-birth marriage, in the upcoming summer episodes. “The possibility is therefore far exterior the realm of what Adrian and also Ben space thinking the they won’t viaramuseum.org it coming,” Hampton says. “She’s taken good care the herself, she’s done all the appropriate things, but… these points happen. I think even though viaramuseum.orgers are going to understand what is going come happen, they also will it is in overwhelmed v emotion.”

Indeed, the emotional episode (which aramuseum.org has previaramuseum.orged) permits for part above-and-beyond performances indigenous Raisa, Baumann, and also Steve Schirripa as Ben’s dad. And also the tragedy will have actually ripple-effect consequences throughout the rest of the season, starting with Amy “choosing this moment to cling to Ricky,” as Hampton says, and bringing the two teen moms closer. Of course, the significant impact will certainly be top top Adrian, who “will walk from depression to angry to acting as if it never happened come finally enabling herself to accept the loss, also as attend to her past and also why she has actually made the choices she’s do in her life,” Hampton explains. “Then she’ll need to decide even if it is or not she wants to continue to make poor choices or learn and also grow indigenous the experience. Is the suffer going to average nothing, in various other words, or will certainly it change her?”

Most most likely the latter, at least eventually, together producers chose early ~ above to handle this different side of teenager pregnancy particularly to do a point: “Every teenager pregnancy does not finish in obvious happiness prefer Amy’s,” Hampton says. “There room problems, several problems, physical, emotional, life-changing problems. It’s simply one of the possible consequences that unprotected sex.”

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