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January 29, 2015And Behold, The river Shall end At The Source


This might mean nothing in ~ all, however those words do me think the what Metatron said to Naomi while tied to she chair. Both Naomi and also Dean were trying to get Metatron to pour out the tricks he alone learned at the feet that God.

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“There are products so opposed that we cannot seize both, but, by too much prudence, might pass in between them in ~ too good a street to reach either. This is often the fate of long consideration; that does nothing that endeavors to do an ext than is enabled to humanity. Flatter not yourself through contrarities of pleasure. That the blessings collection before girlfriend make her choice, and also be content. No man can taste the fruit of loss while that is delighting his scent with the flowers of spring: no male can, at the same time, to fill his cup from the resource and indigenous the mouth the the Nile.” - Samuel Johnson in The background of Rasselas (the very first bolded passage quoted through Metatron in Sacrifice)

For every little thing reason, Metatron has constantly been interested in the choices of others. Far much more than other angels. (I discussed this in a meta i wrote about him last year.)

“It’s her choice. And that’s what this has actually all been about, the choices your type make. However you’re gonna need to weigh that choice. Asking yourself: what is the going to take to carry out this, and also what will certainly the people be like after it’s done?” - Metatron in The an excellent Escapist

That was an excellent advice he provided Dean upon meeting him and also Sam. Advice castle didn’t take with regard come the Hell trials, and similar advice Dean didn’t take it from Cain before taking ~ above the Mark. Interestingly, the is a bit various from the words the quoted to Naomi. In one circumstances he urges prudence, yet in the various other too much prudence is seen as something that will hinder one from choosing at all. Perhaps the distinction is that in the Rasselas quote the an option is in between two pleasing things while the choices Sam and also Dean made were in between unpleasant and also unknowable things? Or possibly the price is recognize a balance between prudence and action. Perhaps you can’t really “have that all” in a person life, however you have the right to still have sufficient to be content if you select wisely and also without regret for the routes not taken.

The resource of Dean’s note would seem to be Cain or Lucifer. But in the publication of Revelation, the source of the river is the throne the God. The really throne in ~ the foot of i beg your pardon Metatron presumably sat while receiving and writing down the word of God…the Word with which he powered himself last season. The river being talked of is the river of eternal life. Beside that river grows the tree of life. This is just one of the tree from the Garden that Eden. No the one Adam and Eve ate from, but the one the they were kept from because they ate indigenous the tree of the expertise of great and evil. The bible’s story of mankind begins and ends through the tree and the garden and the river. Mankind was actors out the the garden and away from the resource of the river due to the fact that of the selections that to be made. Those who return to Heaven space coming ago to the source of the river. They end at the source. In SPN’s universe, perhaps it was all around the journey and also the selections made while external the garden, similar to Metatron said.

So. Perhaps Metatron means that Dean should go to Cain. We know from spoilers that he will certainly do simply that in four much more episodes. But, it would also seem from spoiler that the mark won’t it is in gone v that meeting. If the doesn’t have the tongue the very first time, probably he’ll have to go back again and kill Cain later in the season. Possibly Metatron means that Dean will need to go to Lucifer. Or probably they have to go to the garden into which Gadreel allow a serpent. Probably they have to go appropriate to the throne of God or to the good cosmic levers that Metatron has been flipping. Seems kind of silly in a way, but it’s not favor they haven’t unable to do to gardens in heaven or knelt next to rivers before.

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Maybe you can fill her cup indigenous both the mouth and the resource if the flow ends in ~ its source.

Perhaps God is the can be fried source, together creator the Adam and also Eve and also the lineage of Cain, Abel and also the Winchesters.But, metaphorically speaking,God is love.