lacrimal canal
tears are took in medially right into this after tears do the washing up the eyeball
sebaceous glandsproduce oily secretions the lubricate the eye
maculaereceptors in the vestibule necessary to revolution equillibrium space the...
sclerafibrous outermost tunic "white that the eye"
corneatransparent main anterior section of the sclera in which light enters the eye
choroidmiddle part of the eyeball that consists of pigment which stays clear of light indigenous scattering
optic diskno photoreptors here
irispigmented section of the eye that has actually rounded opening
fovea centralisgreatest intuitive acuity discovered here
vitreous humorgel-like substance that reinforces the eyeball and also prevents it from collapsing
mechanoreceptorsreceptors stimulated by the physical pressures that cause movement of fluid
eardrumanother word for tympanic membrane
presbyopiadecreased lens elasticity connected with aging
vestibuleportion that the bony labyrinth responsible for static equilbrium
ciliary bodysmooth muscle structures attached come lens
retinacontains countless photoreceptors
pinnaouter ear
auditory tubelinks the center ear and also the throat
cochleasnail-like subdivision that the osseous membrane
semicircular canalscontains receptors for dynamic equibrium
photoreceptorsrods and cones are called these
cataractscondition resulting from hardening and also opacity the the lens
otolithstiny stones that role in an answer to changes in gravitational pull
farsightedoccurs as soon as light beam from far-off objects focus behind the retina
ciliary glandsmodified sweatglands betw eyelashes
gustatory hairsprotrude thru taste pores and also stimulated through chemicals
accomodationadjustment that the thickness that the lens throughout vision of nearby objects
organ the cortihair cells situated here
middle earear infection with auditory canal go here