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The Phantom"s Visage
What go the Phantom watch Like?This is one of the most frequently asked concerns I have actually encountered by human being who are new to the story. According to numerous versions of the story, the Phantom never ever liked having actually this discussed. It reduces him to nothing much more than a "freak show" while his story, his genius, and also his music walk ignored. ~ above the other hand, over there is constantly the inescapable curiousity even by those that love him (or claim to love him). Also Christine might not keep her curiousity at bay. When I very first started participating in court in 1999, someone who had seen the musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber an ext than when blatantly request "What was wrong with the Phantom"s face?" To mine suprise, a lot of the various other participants did no seem to have a clear idea themselves. They should not feel negative for not knowing. There is a many confusion on this matter.Some the the man for readers and audiences alike has actually come about because of the miscellaneous portrayals in movies, novels, and also musicals. A noticeable variety of characters in each variation are just as confused. Because that instance, in Leroux"s novel, some think he has a head do of fire, others that he has actually no head, and also so forth. The ballet girl conclude that has many heads which he changes around as that pleases. In the 1925 quiet film certification Lon Chaney, a ballerina cases she has actually seen the phantom and that he has an enormous nose. In the 1943 movie starring Claude Rains, Buquet insists that the Phantom has actually a lengthy nose and also a long red beard. In the 1962 movie starring Herbert Lom, Maria explains the Phantom, who had just remained in her dressing room, together "black, all over black" through one eye in the middle of his forehead. In the 1990 mini-series starring Charles Dance, a now mad Carlotta, upon seeing Phillipe de Chagny enter the room, cries the end in fear, "The Phantom!"Below is a list of the assorted versions of the story, what kind of ailment and/or disfigurement the Phantom suffered, and a summary of the mask(s) he typically wears. You will need to read mine reviews/synopsis if you room wondering how on planet the bad guy gets into some of these scenarios in the very first place.SourceDescription the Incident, Face, and also Mask1911 novel by Gaston LerouxErik is born through a deformity that provides him resemble a life skeleton. The is very thin, pale, and gaunt. His dark-colored eyes are sunken and also he has actually no nose. As the Opera Ghost, that wears a full-faced black color mask. He additionally has a prosthetic nose and a mask that makes him "look prefer anyone else" as soon as he needs to wander away from the opera house.1925 movie starring Lon ChaneyIn every other version the the story, the reader (or audience) is said what ails the phantom. This is the only time in i m sorry nobody knows, not even the audience. He has actually bulging eyes, no nose, a gaunt face, and huge protruding teeth. His mask, which just comes down to his top lip, is attached at the height to a fez lid (aka tarboosh). ~ above the bottom that the mask is a towel that consist of the bottom half of his face. The seems favor the mask is designed to resemble a continuous citizen indigenous a middle Eastern country.There is More!1943 movie starring Claude RainsErique"s face is shed by etching acid. The results are among the many mild of every the retellings. It virtually resembles a strawberry birthmark across a 4th of his face, and his right eye is now red. He wears a pale green mask that just covers the top half of his face. Most of the time he also wears a broad-rimmed hat with the mask, generally whenever the walking about the opera house.1962 movie certification Herbert LomProfessor Petrie do the efforts to placed out a fire v what he think is water, however turns out to it is in nitric acid. The chemistry fire burns and also disfigures the from head to toe. The outcomes are the many horrific of any version I have actually seen. His left eye is melted shut, his skin bring away on a bluish-green color, and what is left that his hair is heavy white. The wears a gray cloth mask the covers his entire face, with only one hole reduced out because that his best eye.1974 movie starring william FinleyLeach"s teeth had already been removed and replaced through stainless stole while in prison. Later, his head gets captured in a large press in a vinyl record factory. The outcomes leave him remote in his best eye (something has actually punctured itself into his eye socket but I perform not know what it is). The best side that his confront is badly burned, and also he is mute. Together the Phantom that the Paradise, he speaks with the aid of an electronic device. His mask looks like a silver helmet that comes halfway under over his face. As the Phantom, he also starts wearing black color lipstick and also has a black circle drawn around his undamaged eye.1983 movie starring Maximillian SchellSulfuric mountain spills onto Korvin"s face, followed by Korvin"s clothes catching on fire. The results are severe. His complexion is yellowed, his eye sunken, and his sleep and part of his upper lip room missing. Most of the moment he wears a full-faced black mask i m sorry looks like paper machet. He additionally made a mask the resembles his face prior to the traumatic incident.Musical by Ken Hill (1984)Erik is "Born through a Monstrous Countenance," as defined by the Persian in his song. Erik each other a skeleton in dress clothes. He wore a white mask the covers the top half of his face in the production I saw.Musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber (1986)The Phantom has been inflicted with a face deformity because that as lengthy as he have the right to remember, follow to his very own words. Just the right side that his challenge is disfigured. The ideal eye is a an extremely pale blue (almost white), his lip is swollen, red, and puffy, and also there is a substantial scar on the next of his head the I execute not know just how to explain to this day. The phantom wears a white half-mask through a hair-piece attached come the height of it.1987 Animated video for ChildrenNo factor is provided, but it appears again the Erik has actually suffered his ailment in ~ least since early childhood. With yellow eyes and greyish skull-like head, he resembles a skeleton in dress clothes. That wears a full-faced mask that looks favor a consistent face.1989 movie starring Robert EnglundErik"s scars are the result of a demonic curse after ~ signing a contract through the devil. The outcomes are gory. He resembles a freshly dead zombie whose challenge is beginning to decay. He is missing a nose and also flesh from parts of his face, and also these ulcers and also blisters are oozy and gooey. His mask is composed of real human skin tissue, bring away every night indigenous some poor victim, which he sews onto his challenge for his nightly outings.1990 movie certification Charles DanceRemaining faithful to the Kopit teleplay, Erik"s face is never presented in this movie and his face is never described. This movie likewise has the brief comment Erik offers to Christine about having just the sembeant of a face. Erik is born through this disfigurement, i beg your pardon may have actually been the an outcome of his mother"s failed effort at an abortion. He is seen many of the time in a plain white mask the covers the top half of his face. That wears other amazing masks together well, depending upon his moods and also intentions.Musical by Maury Yeston & Arthur Kopit (1991)Defying convention and curiousities, Erik"s confront is never shown and also his face is never even described. The closestly description originates from Erik himself once he speak Christine, "I execute not have a face, only the sembleance of a face. No one should need to look at it." Erik is born v this disfigurement, i beg your pardon may have been the result of a heat that eliminated his mom not too long after he to be born. The wears a level white mask the covers the top half of his face.1991 novel by Susan KayErik"s countenance is the same as explained by Leroux, however the mask is the same is in the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.1993 movie certification David StallerHow the Phantom is disfigured is unknown. Only the right fifty percent of his challenge is deformed and it each other a skeleton. The wears a black fifty percent mask that totally covers the right side of his face and a huge broad-rimmed hat.1994 novel by Sam SicilianoAs in Leroux and Kay, Erik is born with his disfigurement. His problem is more aggravated throughout his year in the Middle east when he recorded leprosy. The leprosy has eaten away his nose, ear lobes, and component of his top lip. The wears a full-faced black mask do of porcelain.1997 record of Theatreworks MusicalYears ago, there was a fire in the opera house. Erik had actually been severly melted in this fire and also was presumed dead. Since it is a recording and also I never ever saw the play, I do not know for a fact what the mask look at like. Judging by the CD cover, it is a brown mask that covers the top half of his face.1997 novel by Bridgitta D"ArcyThis story is obviously motivated by the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, so for currently I conclude the the visage and also mask are the same.1998 movie certification Julian SandsIn the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, Christine provides a comment come the phantom that it is in his spirit where true distortion lies. In Dario Argento"s radically different and also blatantly defiant movie, the phantom"s handsome face is
his mask. The is horribly disfigured in thought and also in spirit. Abandoned together a baby, that was increased by rats and now lives as a biology of the darkness in the catacombs in ~ the opera house.1999 novel by Frederick ForsythAs a sequel come the musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber, visage and also mask continue to be the same.2000 graphics Novel through FdeLOErik is missing a nose. Otherwise, he has actually quite a handsome face. His same attractive mask covers many of his face. The mask is white through thin, black color eyebrows painted across the height of the mask and dark circles around each eye. The bottom the the mask, approximately the mouth and jawline, is reduced to the forms of decorate swirls.2000 novel by Nancy Hill PettengillSame as Forsyth2004 movie starring Gerard ButlerAs a cinematic adaptation come the music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, the mask and also hairpiece stay the same as in the live show.

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His visage, however, more resembles the of the 1943 movie yet with the shining blue (almost white) eye rather of a red eye.Trivia | Faust | face | Christine | Erik Who? | dies Irae | Buquet | CarlottaBooks | movies | Musicals | kids | Musings | Trivia | Phunny | web links Main Page. .